Friday, October 16, 2009

do you sleep?

i dream this world. i was waiting for a load of laundry to finish it’s washing cycle at a laundromat. then suddenly i was in a cupcake bakery. i didn’t know it was a bakery until i was standing at it’s ordering counter (perhaps my brain hadn’t made up it’s mind where i wanted to be). i noticed nobody as standing, not even the employees. it was as though everyone was waiting for something. the menu board hanged by a string, off of the wall, and was turned around. the back of the board was the same color as the wall, so it was difficult to see that it was even there. as i stood there, it dawned on me that everyone was waiting for the next batch of cupcakes. I got the attention of the girl behind the counter and, as if i knew already what was going on, i asked “almost?” and she said “how’s three minutes?” then everyone sprang to life. another employee started writing, with marker, the names of the cupcakes on the butcher paper that was spread out over the front counter. his marker was running out of ink. the customers, who’d been seated at tables were now lined up behind me. everyone, including me, was very excited about these cupcakes. while i stood there, at the front of the line, i remembered my laundry. i thought that it must be done washing and it’s just sitting there all damp, waiting to be moved to the dryer. then, suddenly, i remembered that my sister was going to call me. then i woke up. my phone was ringing. it was my sister. creepy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

keepin it real, torrential rain-style

autumn… may i call you fall? we’re buds, no? well, fall, winter just squashed you, dude! what’s up with that? As much as I love Winter, and all the gloriously gloomy and wonderfully wet weather that comes with it, I do fancy a good fall before I gotta start bundling up! I always welcome the falling of your leaves, the change of colors, and the apples up in them hills! In fact, it’s the apples that make me enjoy you the most, man! Nobody wants to get soaked trekking up to Apple Hill in soggy, muddy boots! Nosireebob! So, although I like this winterish weather we’re having today, I’m just a little bit sad that it isn’t just brisk and hazy instead. take care.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

she said you're very friendly

When you don’t sleep for two days, you spend the following week trying to gain back that lost 8-hours! Blegh! My eye is twitching. A sign? An eye sign? I wish I felt sleepy right about now. I wish I was brain-deep into some serious mind-blowing dreams right about now. Instead, I’m laying in bed, typing this out on my BlackBerry, because AT&T sucks and my DSL isn’t working! Shit… I think the twitchy eye just shut down completely.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

i am ready to owe you anything

what is the name of this place? why did we come here? this was your idea. my hands are vibrating. when i hold them to my ears, i can hear them buzzing. i can remember. first letter. i can remember, if given enough time. we were there. the birds have stopped chirping. i don’t hear them anymore. the one to which all others have been compared & contrasted.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


i'm freezing and i love it! i'm actually shivering right now. maybe i should put some pants on. and maybe shut my bedroom window. no wonder i was so cold last night! i fell asleep as soon as i got in last night. i've been staying up way too late lately and it's taking it's toll on me each morning. i must look like a (handsome) walking corpse. and i had such strange dreams because of it. strange, good dreams though. and i woke up when i woke up this morning. no alarms to kick me out of bed. nice! feels nice. i have a feeling this is going to be a wonderful winter. oh! and i lost 15 lbs.! how the hell did that happen (and when)?!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

boarding the treeship

what is this? i don't get sick. the other day, i woke up in the middle of the night with a sore and dry throat. the logical conclusion would be to blame the giant industrial floor fan i have blowing at me while i sleep. but now i'm logically concluding a much different logical conclusion, my friend. i think i've caught myself one of them there darn colds (or maybe it's allergies?). earlier today, my right inner ear started hurtin' and now i've got a runny left nostril. what the eff! my body can't make up it's mind on which side of itself it wants to be sick. if i had my druthers (and i don't), i'd choose to have neither side o' my body sick. but that should go without saying, since nobody in their right mind (or left. ha!) wants to be sick. by the way, what are druthers? and do i really want them in this context? sniffle sniffle... i sick, feed me warm soup with a side of o.j. and take care of me with plenty of pillows and warm blankets, pweez!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a. iii

° ° °

29 Sep 2008, 23:50

i love socks too! especially argyle.
if i could do it without feeling like a complete tool,
i'd wear golfer's knickerbockers
with knee-high argyle socks and saddle shoes! seriously!

you ARE cool as shit. don't ever doubt that!
you should definitely have a pair of chucks! i have black,
cause i can wear them with just about anything. but i can't see you wearing black.
as far as i can tell, you're a very colorful person; inside and out.
what's your favorite color? get THAT color!

why did i drop out? because i'm too cool for school!
but seriously, i quit going about a year after my mother died.
i lost my focus and couldn't concentrate well enough
to produce anything worthy of a passing grade.
i felt empty of all creativity.
i felt empty in general.
then, finally, my grade point average
dropped .02-points below the acceptable level
for financial aid eligibility. i no longer qualified for financial aid
and i couldn't afford to pay tuition on my own, so i quit. and i never went back.

i wonder if you've enjoyed your stay in the city that i love so much.


3 Oct 2008, 19:40

oh man! that outfit sounds rad!!

I have to say my favorite color is turquoise -
so i may get a turq pair or a 'jean' blue pair. :)

San Francisco was fantastic.
your list came in so handy and i was totally excited
when ever i found something that you recommended.
We did the 'divey bar' night just as you suggested and had a blast.

and dotties!! wow. we didnt have to wait
cause we went for a true Brunch at noon but i saw the line ups earlier that day.
went to eden and eden - chatted with the owner for a bit. very cool space.
i didnt buy anything but was thinking of ordering the horse t-shirt
cause i love it:

totally enjoyed SFMOMA
(even thought the Frida Kahlo show was sold out - boo),
and LOVED the new science museum! the exhibit design was amazing.

had a fucking delicious veggie sandwich at java beach
and had fun taking the muni out there!

i had your list up on my iphone the whole time. :)
so basically you rock and next time i am in the bay area
i hope you are too cause i'd love to take you out for a beer or five!

i'm sorry about your mother.
that must have been a very hard time.
you seem to have gotten your creativity back!
i think your sketches and photos are really wonderful.

have a great weekend michael!


a. ii

° °

25 Sep 2008, 00:29

okay! yeah, that's just what i wished you'd say.
and you asked around even? wow, that's fantastic!
i underestimated the amount of effort you've put into this.
thank you very much for your help. my uncertainty has definitely been quashed
and i will, indeed, continue sporting my chucks like the rare older rad gem that i am!

black leather highs: in poor shape and probably need to be replaced.
black canvas lows: great for flaunting my awesome sock collection.

and you? do you own chucks? if not, why not?!

hey! here's a little factoid:
while you're in s.f., you may notice,
throughout the city there are buildings with black signs
for the academy of art university. that's the art school i dropped out of!

i hope you have a blast!


26 Sep 2008, 10:22

ooooo - i love socks!
i have cut jeans short to show off socks...

the funny thing is, no,
i do not have a pair of chucks
and I have never owned a pair.

it kind of a timely question though
because for the last little while i have been asking myself
why I don't have a pair... i always think they look cute when i see girls rocking them...
and i've looked at them lately in stores but have never actually tried them on.
its like i cant decide what color would be the best. i know i dont want black,
mostly because is associate them with a girl i dislike,
but i've been thinking about a neutral color
that kind of goes with everything.

I think the reason that i have not owned a pair ever
might be because my younger brother always had them and of course
i wanted to be different from him... and then i started thinking that if i'd always had a pair
then it would just be a natural thing for me to keep on getting them when then they wore out...
but since i'd never owned a pair that it would be like cheating
or somehow like i was trying to be someone i'm not.
(dammit! i guess i'm not cool as shit!!)

and then there was the age thing like you mentioned.
I'm even older than you and so you can imagine my thoughts in that regard. lol.

over analyzing? perhaps.
but hey, thats just the way i roll.

i loved your question.

I'll look out for the black signs!
why did you drop out?


a. i


22 Sep 2008, 12:35

i was getting ready to head out and
explore in this wonderful weather we're having here,
but i paused before selecting some footwear.

converse chuck taylor's and the thirty-year olds who choose to wear them on a almost-daily basis:
are these men trying to cling to their youth or are they cool as shit for deciding not to conform
to society's misconception of what an grown man
should do and wear?


24 Sep 2008, 12:15

that is a very good question...
i wonder the same kinds of things myself.
after much consideration and asking opinions of others (for some perspective on this)
i have to say that i do think "chucks" are classic and defy categories
and i don't think anyone is unfit for them.

I'm also starting to think that it is actually cooler when 30+ year olds wear them.
people who may well have been in the 'school' that 'old school' refers too...
older rad people are so rare. they are like gems.
most of the rad people i know have a pair
of converse in their shoe collection...

so to answer your question, i think you are cool as shit and
i think that you should continue to wear converse chuck taylor's.

do you wear the lows or the highs?


ps. 2 more sleeps till san francisco... :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

life without bees

right outside my apartment, about three-feet from my front door there is a very bizarre bush/tree/monster thing that looks like some kind of ground-bound, chlorophyl-filled, octo-flora-pus with equally bizarre blossoms that hang down very low, like five-million tentacles waiting for the perfect opportunity to snatch the cap from my noggin. i do... wear caps, i mean. though, not frequently. i'll pop on a beanie from time to time. and i wear my driver's cap on occasion.

everytime i leave my apartment i can hear the ominous buzzing of the octo-flora-pus's resident swarm of bees getting their "birds and the bees" on, all bee-like and stuff. and this sound... this wicked, crazy-scary buzzing sound unnerves me so much i can't help but remember my most unhappiest of all my unhappy memories; the time my 3rd-grade, lil mexipino boy, bowl cut was targeted by several hostile honeybees, dispatched with royal instructions to trap themselves within the massive mop of hair on my giant jughead and ruin "15-minute mandatory sideyard playtime" in the grandest of grand ways. i never liked going to afterschool daycare. after what would become known as "the day the bees attacked me and it hurt a lot" day, i really didn't like going!

bees scare me. it's a phobia. i do not like them! keep them away from me and someone please remove them from my front door. please please please and thank you.

27 october 2007

Saturday, August 1, 2009

a gift from the so-called den mother

robyn's chicken curry salad / wraps

- chicken tenders
- celery
- almonds (slivered)
- raisins, craisins, or both!
- mayo (or plain nonfat yogurt)
- curry powder
- sugar/salt

- lettuce
- tortillas

microwave chicken, 6-min. or until cooked through. while chicken is cooking, slice celery. place celery, almonds, (c)raisins, and mayo in a bowl. add 1 tbsp. curry powder. add sugar/salt to taste. mix well. chop lettuce. warm tortillas. place chicken curry in tortilla and top with lettuce.

omit tortilla and serve in lettuce leaf for low-carb option.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

holes for legs

dead wet monkey on in the
center divide,

i like to think you'd apologize
if you were alive.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

everything happens

three albums
to which i would listen over and over (and backward)

bright eyes - digital ash in a digital urn
dj shadow - endtroducing...
david gray - flesh

Friday, June 26, 2009

he said i can see why is it because of all the lines

26 june 2009today was my "sunday", if you will. my second of two days-off. when i woke up this morning, immediately, it felt like i'd slept too long. had i wasted the entire morning on unnecessary sleep? i thought for sure it had to be past 9 or 10 o'clock. after i rubbed and rubbed all the blurries out of my eyes, i could barely make out the time. 11:1::445:55. oh, i thought... 11:45? already? it's almost noon? damn! so i stretched and yawned and stretched and yawned before i sat up to get a better looksee, because i just knew it couldn't be that late. but i was wrong, it could be that late. in fact, it could be even later! there wasn't anymore morning left. it was gone. i'd missed half my day-off because for some reason my body wanted to just fucking lay there. to lay there and make me more tired until i finally woke up. and i was... more tired, when i finally woke up. or, fatigued, rather. but why did i sleep for so long? i hadn't stayed up any later than usual. i don't think i'm depressed. i'm pretty sure i'm not sick. maybe it's that i need to drink more water. actually, i know i need to drink more water. there's always time to drink more water, right? even if that's not the reason i slept for so long, i really should drink more water! hold on... okay, i just drank a glass of water. and i feel... refreshed, i guess. i'll have one glass every hour for the rest of the day. and if i don't wake up at a decent hour tomorrow, i'll be pissed! glug, glug, glug!

Monday, June 22, 2009

a new story

been taking photos of eero since the first day, so he's grown to accept having a camera lens in his face. today, he even seemed to be posing. he looked at the camera only when i asked him to. such the professional cat model!

you'd never know how much of a brat he can be. when i came home today, i found the bag of cat food in the middle of the living room. my 5 lb. cat dragged the 8 lb. bag of cat food half-way across the apartment! obviously, he'd eaten anything that fell out in the process of dragging it, because there wasn't any evidence to be found! and... after i put the bag back and went upstairs, he proceeded to gnaw a cat mouth-size hole into the side of the bag! the little bugger!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

he'd like to wake up next to her tomorrow

lucky strike

funny. with my digital photographs, i'm always looking to crop and cut the best parts of each shot. with my film photographs, i'm looking for a complete composition within the entire frame. no cropping required. i think this means i'm more mindful of the subject at all times when i'm using film. digital lends itself to haphazardly shooting off shot after shot. random and less creative. film wins. hands down. i'm sold. no looking back. for now. maybe. all that being said, doesn't this photograph fucking rock? it sizzles. it. so. sessy!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

instructions for dancing

such a great show. i'll miss it.

... peter gabriel's cover of "the book of love" is quite fitting.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

super fantastic happy fun time

lump sum

1:29 AM
i cannot sleep
for she inspires me
my brain will not stop working
one million thoughts per millisecond

Saturday, May 23, 2009

take us back to essentials

q: why are you obsessed with film?

a: we now hear the richness of vinyl records because we can compare them to cds. in the same way, the digital camera's crisp, clean images help us recognize the complexity and warmth of film. it's exacerbated when you shoot with one of our fly. we do not always want a faithful representation of reality. sometimes we yearn for a dream.

( june 2009 wired magazine interview of hideki ohmori, owner of superheadz, maker of the blackbird fly toy camera. )

Friday, May 22, 2009

something i'd like to be good at

the sucky thing about shooting film is that you have only 36 (or 24 or 12) exposures before you need to reel it all up and pop in another roll! i was reminded of this today when i was at "concert in the park". i left the house with just a few exposures left and the roll i thought would be my spare turned out to be an already-spent roll that i shot last week!

luckily, i had my rebel with me! you know, "just in case." and "just in case" happened, so... yeah! i don't know where i'm going with this...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

but in my dream i slew the dragon

i have seven books checked-out from the library. i don't know why i thought i should take so many. maybe i thought if i did't take them now, they'd be gone next time around. i'm not sure, really. i feel obligated to read the first few pages of each book before getting too involved with one or two.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

i'll stand on the bow and feel the waves come crashing

i have this idea that someday i'll start titling my work "untitled #1".
the first piece will be "untitled #1 #1", the second will be "untitled #1 #2",
and so on and so forth. i sure hope nobody else has thought of this,
i'd sure hate to be the copier of such
a stupid idea.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

i'll keep checking the horizon

a conversation

she: HI!!!!

he: HI!!

she: how was your weekend?!

he: nothing worth mentioning, until this afternoon. so awesome! went bowling. ate pizza & bday cake. played skeeball & air hockey! i was a big kid w/ tokens!

she: sounds rad!!

he: and you? did you do anything this weekend?

she: i'm braindead from too many fun times this weekend.

he: i want to hear all about it!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

brown paper bag no lunch

did you say something?

no i just smiled and walked by.

they asked if he was on shrooms

it crumbles in your mouth


your very lovely


whats your 5 year plan?

to get up every morning.

see you soon my friend.

i smiled and said

of course.

(found, brown paper bag)

Monday, March 30, 2009

w. n. t. g. o. a. r. t. u. t. p. a.

around the turn of the century (it's funny, when i think of "turn of the century", i still think 1899-1900), my sister and i took a road trip up to portland, oregon (and seattle). we drove to the oregon coast, took in sights in the still budding pearl district, and hiked around the waterfalls that feed the columbia river gorge. it was at these waterfalls, that i slipped down a seemingly non-steep embankment of a little tiny stream and fell back onto my backpack. luckily, my backpack broke my fall, so i didn't get the wind knocked out of me and came away with just a few scrapes and bruises.

it was only later that i realized that a horrible tragedy had occurred. my backpack had broken my fall all right, but so had everything in it, including my 1-year old slr, a minolta maxxum 350si. i was about to snap a photo of a beautiful waterfall, when all signs of life sputtered away, never to return.

after several attempts to have it fixed, i gave up and went digital. i bought a canon powershot a80, which brought me many years of satisfaction, despite not being an slr.

last year, when i bought a canon 400d dslr, my world exploded. suddenly, all i could think about was cameras and creating awesome images. but even then, still in the back of my mind were memories of my beloved minolta. i wished she was still working. what if she'd never died that day? i'd have so many awesome photos, right? i had to get another one just like it!

i started researching prices online and discovered that maxxum 350si camera bodies are really cheap these days! in a matter of days, i'd won one on ebay. it was in great condition and came with a lens. and today, it came in the mail! i switched out the crappy minolta lens with the quantaray lens from my broken camera, checked the batter was charged, and loaded it with a new roll of film. it's ready to use and i'm so fucking siked right now!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

today i was an evil one

wendy and lucy

michelle williams is an underrated actress. i haven't seen the film yet,
but from what i'm seeing in this trailer, i think she does an outstanding job here.
after i see it, i'll let you know if i've gone and stuck my foot in my mouth.

Friday, March 27, 2009

as loudly as a crazed horse on a wooden bridge

sputnik sweetheart is a thin book, so it should've taken a day for me to read. it took me two months (or more. probably more), because i get distracted easily and start doing and reading other things. whenever i want to escape from reality (which is often), i reach over and grab a murakami. it doesn't matter which title it is, it'll always calm me down and take my mind to the other side of the world. many of the online reviewers expressed disappointed with the ending of sputnik sweetheart, saying it was too ambiguous and incomprehensible. but i liked the way it ended. i liked the innuendo. it left me with questions that, if answered in the book, would have ruined the beauty of the story. did he? didn't he? was it her? was it a dream? i like that. i like being left to ponder the possibilities. i never used to... until i read my first murakami book. now i'm reading blind willow, sleeping woman. i wonder what murakami is working on right now. will it be on bookshelves soon?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

his deeply guarded secret


i had the day off and all of my friends were at work, so i was stuck at home with nothing to do. i tried to stay in bed as long as i could. i tossed and turned until the brightness of the sun forced me out. the heat made the air in my bedroom thick and stale. i kicked the covers off the bed and laid there for a bit before i got up. i staggered my way to the kitchen. i fixed myself a giant bowl of corn flakes. tons of sugar with just enough milk to make it soggy. i plopped down on the couch and flipped through the mindless daytime programming on tv. it made me nostalgic for the times they'd show andy griffith and green acres reruns during the noon hour. now it's just judge show after judge show. it's all trash. nothing good anymore.

cereal milk is the reward for eating each and every flake, but it makes me thirsty. i checked the fridge for some water. no luck. i had my last bottle the night before and my tap is hard as nails, so i decided to walk to the convenience store. i hit the power button on the remote and tossed it on the couch on my way out the door.

mr. gardner was my next door neighbor. he always came home for his lunch break. i guess it was a little after 1 pm. he was standing at the end of his driveway, flipping through his mail. any junk mail immediately went into the nearby trash can. i waved, but i don't think he saw me.

walking down the street, i could see the new house that had just been built on the corner lot. the lot had been vacant for as long as i could remember. now, there was a large monolithic house taking up most of the lot, leaving enough space for a driveway wide enough for three cars and a tiny front yard with the greenest grass in the neighborhood. the house was long and wide with only a few windows. the modern white fence that wrapped around the entire lot looked sturdy and secure. but it wasn't very tall. i'd have to squat a bit to rest my chin on it.

as i turned the corner, the idea to take a quick look before going to the convenience store took hold of me. suddenly i was intrigued by this house so much, i had to see it closer. i stepped lightly as i walked on the narrow patch of grass at the front of the fence and i peeked over. my eyes widened. my mouth dropped. my heart skipped a beat. for that moment, i felt like i was looking at the most beautiful thing in the world. a pool, filled with crystal-clear water was less than five feet away from me. i thought it must be olympic size. my apartment could sit in it and still have room to stretch it's legs.

i hung there, my arms wrapped over the fence, watching the water move with the slightest breeze. it was so quiet at that moment. the only thing i could hear was the sound of the small waves slapping the walls of the pool. it was asking me in. and i accepted the invitation.



my ears were submerged underwater, so i couldn't quite hear whatever was said after that. i opened my eyes. the sun was bright, but in my peripheral i could see a figure standing over me. i stood up in the water and tried blinking the water out of my eyes. once i could focus properly, i could see it was a man trying to get my attention. he was waving his arms. i cocked my head slightly to get a better look. he was holding a very nice leather briefcase. it was the perfect match to his business suit. i thought that he must have taken a great deal of time to choose his outfit that morning. i waded over to the side of the pool and shot him a look that i felt showed him how inconvenient this was for me. he had some nerve disturbing me.

"hey, are you hearing me?", he asked. "i asked you what you think you're doing! this is mine. not yours."

"oh! i'm sorry", i said, feigning naivete. "i didn't know. i'll leave. i just have to find my clothes. do you see my shoes? are you happy here?"

i'd laid my clothes neatly at the edge of the pool, but far enough away so i wouldn't accidentally splash them with water. the man picked them up and threw them at me.

"now get the hell out of here before i call the police", he said. as he walked away, i heard him mumbling. "people don't respect other's property anymore. this neighborhood..." he must have had a bad day.

i gathered up my wet clothes and walked to the fence i'd climbed over earlier. i took one last glance at the pool. such a shame, i thought. i said to myself, "if a man owns such a nice pool like that and he doesn't want people using it, he should buy a proper security fence."

i like talking to myself a lot, but not so loud that people around me will notice. i don't need people thinking i'm insane. "jesus, it's hot today! it was only in the 80s just yesterday."

part 1

story: mchl mchl

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

and then i said it /without hesitation /finally

i'd like to rant for a moment about the headache that's causing my day to be a shitty one, but first i'd like to mention that i've come to believe that i may have a slight allergic reaction to olive oil. not just any olive oil, though. after oiling up some spaghetti last night, then waking up this morning with what felt like a swollen throat, i've come to the conclusion that "e-v-o-o" is not my best friend. odd, because the extra light olive oil i used prior to this one didn't effect me in anyway. so, from now on, i'll be buying the light stuff to drown my pastas and breads. so about that headache... it's driving me bananas! it's not a full-fledged headache. nor is it just a lingering one. it's sort of in between, where it's just bugging the hell out of me and has turned my nice, perfect weather afternoon into a funkified malaise! i need to remember to breathe. inhale. 1-2-3. exhale. repeat.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

thirty-two years later

i woke up too early this morning.
i wanted to sleep until noon.
i stayed in bed for a while.
i daydreamed a little.
i staring at the ceiling.
i propped myself up to check the time, clock showed 8:30 AM.
i had birthday wishes on my blackberry already.
i got a text from sarah, wanting to get breakfast.
i told her i was going to noah's and peet's.
i said i'd meet her for breakfast.
i didn't know where we'd eat, since noah's was packed.
i told her i was walking, but i rode my bicycle.
i met her at peet's, where i got a coffee.
i was complimented for my hat. "nice hat."
i was craving an egg mit. she suggested corner stone.
i immediately said yes, seeing how it's my standby.
i got my usual sunrise omelette. she got eggs benedict.
i didn't finish mine like i almost always do.
i offered my leftovers to angela. she accepted.
i found myself another coffee.
i hung out with lisa for a while.
i rode my bicycle home.
i kicked my shoes off.
i started writing a blog post titled "thirty-two years later".
i thought it'd be cool to start every sentence with "i".
i am having a fine day.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

do you remember

william lamson

via swiss miss

i could listen to that one all day all night

despite feeling under the weather, i had a moderately productive day. i paid my rent. (always on 5th of the month, like clockwork.) (calendarwork?) i picked up a late lunch and a coffee. i think the caffeine might've got my blood flowing. and the veggie fried rice and orange chicken from panda express perked up my energy levels just enough to turn the day into an enjoyable one. met some friends on my way home; five of the cutest girls you'll ever meet. the sky is blue with giant puffy clouds, but those aren't happy clouds. they're all dark gray, filled with rain, ready to dump on us. but they're few and far between, so the sun is shining bright and it's beautiful!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

please keep me in mind

eero & mchl's morning ritual

(01) mchl wakes up, turns onto back, rubs eyes, yawns
(02) eero makes first attempt to climb onto mchl's chest for petting
(03) eero makes second attempt to climb onto mchl's chest for petting
(04) mchl, too sleepy to do any petting, runs for the bathroom
(05) eero gets to bathroom first, jumps onto counter, waits for water
(06) mchl brushes teeth, plugs sink, turns on water for eero
(07) mchl takes the hottest shower known to man, eero waits at door
(08) mchl gets dressed, puts on socks and shoes, eero attacks laces
(09) mchl packs his messenger bag, eero attacks messenger bag strap
(10) mchl grabs keys, eero runs downstairs, mchl walks downstairs
(11) eero stands by front door, mchl scratches eeros neck
(12) eero meows, mchl yawns

i'll tame your heart with a careful hand

ferraby lionheart — "small planet"

Thursday, February 5, 2009

makes the day seem shorter

i'm almost too embarrassed to share this sketch.
pencil on corrugated cardboard.

when i lived in san francisco,
le video was right down the street.
they pretty much have any movie you can think of.

drawing: mchl mchl

Monday, January 12, 2009

this morning you were in my tall americano

one of the design blogs i read almost every day is sallytv. and usually, i'll comment
with something childish, immature, or cheezy. and sometimes all three. but seriously, sallytv is awesome
because the girl behind the curtain is awesome. she knows a lot about what she's talking about
and she's not afraid to tell you her opinion.

today, she brings up the recent uproar over a certain new york times article about the state of design
in these tough financial times. and she quoted me! see if you can find my quote.

what's this about a design fight?

Friday, January 9, 2009

better than lo-lo

i only just found out about the monocle weekly! it's like listening to someone
reading the magazine to you, except it really isn't like that at all. rather, it's a podcast by the people
behind the magazine, talking about subjects covered in the most current issue. after listening to episode 1,
i came away thinking "tyler brûlé sounds really canadian!" not that sounding canadian is a bad thing!
no, no, canadian accents are rad! i like the way they say "sorry".

the monocle weekly

briefly featured is a glasgowegian band called the phantom band. did you know people from glasgow
are called glasgowegians?! you did? good for you! i didn't. i probably would've taken a stab at it though.
glasgowians? judging by the snippets i've heard so far, i'm definitely going to get my hands on their album.

the phantom band

Thursday, January 8, 2009

change featuring wale

i love mister fukasawa's nod of approval
after he yanks on the cord at the end.

a documentary film by gary hustwit

from the man who gave us

via sallytv

when the trumpets swing

$30 converse all stars! score!

urban outfitters

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

just because you've never seen me drink tea doesn't mean i don't drink tea

what? how did i get what scar? oh, this scar! well...
the way my mother always told it: i had already learned to walk, but i had a little trouble
with the whole stopping thing. as i was walking across the living room, i picked up too much steam
and decided to take a dive toward the rocking chair. luckily, my face broke my fall! i hit the edge of the seat
just above my chin, right below my lower lip and my little baby teeth cut right through. i got four little baby stitches
and one helluva scar. it's funny that i hardly ever get asked about it when it's right here on my face.

Monday, January 5, 2009

that's right! they're good!

you know how iphone owners don't refer to their iphone as their cell phone?
instead they call it their iphone. "oh, i just got this app for my iphone!" or "call me on my iphone."
or "my iphone is so awesome! i'm so cool because i own one! look at me!" i think these people are oblivious
to the fact that it's just a little bit irritating for non-iphone cell phone owners.

but now that i have a blackberry, i'm realizing that blackberry owners
have been guilty of doing this same thing for years! "i'm on my blackberry all the time." i said that today!
i've turned into one of those people! i'm annoying! and i hate myself just a little bit for it.

have i mentioned that i have a blackberry?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

she said she's a baroness. do we even have those?

apparently, i need to do some dusting!

i never knew just how much i could hate vertical blinds until i got myself a cat.
in the last few months my hatred for vertical blinds has grown tenfold.
i really, really hate 'em!

i use my sister's garage as my own personal storage facility.
occasionally, i'll rummage through my stuff to see what i might want.
since there's finally some snow up there at tahoe, i grabbed my snowboard and
skiboards (remember skiboards?) and the backpack filled with gloves and stuff.
but the big score was when i found my l.l. bean wool socks! they're like
mittens for my feet! so comfortable. i'd forgotten all about 'em!
and now, as i'm typing this, my feet are warm and cozy.

f.y.i., two bologna sandwiches and bbq ruffles is a bad choice and in no way
should it be considered a late dinner. i can't stop eating junk!

lastly, i confess, i did indeed shed a few tears at the end of seven pounds.