Friday, November 14, 2008

a heady, inviting aroma. say what?

this'll be a long one.

if gold were liquid, which i guess, it could
if you melt it, and if it were brown instead of...
well, gold, which i guess is kinda brown?— stay with me,
i'm going somewhere with this— then the winter solstice tea
from peet's is "gold, jerry! gold!" oh my goldness!
(see what i just did there? goldness? heh!)
i've been drinking cups of it all day.
the tin'll be empty by evening.

i just don't know. i don't neeeeeed it.
but i waaaaaaant it! two very different things
that i get confused too often. want usually kicks need's ass.
in this case, need kind of has an edge, because want has changed
into don't-want-but-still-sorta-want. those bastards at mcsweeney's
keep sending letters telling me i've allowed my subscription
to wholphin to expire, but it's not too late! i could
"renew today and receive a free gift!"
okay, i want!

no i don't!

i'd really, really (that's twice as much as usually)
like to create something for myself! but i can't bring myself
to start on anything. i have all of these ideas, but when i get ready
to do something, i somehow find something to distract me! i have this idea
to start drawing portraits of my friends/whomever and give them to them as holiday
presents (see how p.c. i am? hmm? yeah.) writing all of this down just now has
squeezed all of my creative juices into my fingers. no wonder my fingers are
so fat! mom always said it was "big bones"! after i'm done writing this
here blog entry, i think i'll force myself to the old drafting table
and pump some shit out. i say force cause that's the only
way it's gonna happen. and if i feel the slightest bit
procrastinatory (my word!), i'll just look to
david byrne. a photo of david byrne,
a new addition to my inspiration wall.
i should've added him, a long time ago,
to my list of "creative geniuses with whom
i'd like to have a cup of tea with". yes, i know
there're two withs in that sentence. i want it that way.

that's the photo of mr. byrne.

breakfast at cornerstone is becoming a boring ritual.
i've always enjoyed the alone time i have when i eat there,
but my reasons for eating there've changed. it used to be i ate there
because it reminded me of being back in the sunset district, in san francisco,
where i'd walk down the hill to irving and grab a burrito from... what's that burrito
place with the green sign? gordo? something spanish! i forget. i stopped there a lot.
and the burger joint next door with the asian lady who knew my name and my order
(steak sandwich). anyway, i'm rambling. i need something new. someplace new.
somenew thing. somenew place. i suppose i could start inviting
other people to breakfast. but then, see, that would defeat
my whole "alone time" thing. i'm stuck.

not that kind of "alone time"!

i ordered one of those digital tv converters
with my $40 coupon! i'm excited! no, really, i am.
i haven't had cable tv in ages. cable and satellite tv is a rip off.
almost everything on tv and absolutely everything on cable is worthless
and... and... stupid! i'm sorry, but it's stupid! even your favorite show!
so i'll stick to watching free tv with my lil rabbit ears, thank you.
and now, well, now i'll be able to watch tv without wondering
why it's snowing on every show. but i'm worried that
i'll revert to the girlfriend-less, tv-all-day-long
couch potato of my early twenties.
frick! where're the oreos?!

nom! nom! nom!

i've mentioned monocle magazine here and there.
probably my favorite of all the magazines i read regularly.
it calls itself "a briefing on global affairs, business, culture & design".
so basically, it's filled with smart and thought-provoking articles/interviews
and really rad photography of locations i'd never heard of before! and
the design of the whole thing, from cover to cover, is awesome.
right down to the texture of the paper they print it on.
smart, professional, cultured and sexy!
dude, if monocle were a woman, i'd marry her
and probably be shamefully covered in paper cuts.

don't judge me!

photo of tea tin: mchl mchl

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