Sunday, December 30, 2007

I Can't Reed Good

this song
is honey.
is cinnamon and sugar.
is caramel apples.
is rice krispies treats.
is 100 ice cream sundaes.

i'm sick, with a head/sinus/chest thing.
today is day three of this shit
and i've had enough of it!
i popped into rite aid last night and
bought some cherry-flavored halls and
a box of what i thought was cold medicine.
only after i got it home did i notice
the big F-L-U slapped across the cover.
i thought fuck it, and used it anyway.
then, at some point today, i lost the nighttime meds.
i'm stuck with just the daytime meds.
which i'm hoping will work well enough on their own.

i have no plans for new year's eve.
if i go out, it'll be in the last hour.
i just don't feel well enough to party.
i may just go to the golden bear
for the free champagne toast.
i need to work early the next morning anyway.

i didn't buy the lamp.
sometimes i can be unsatisfyingly frugal.

— — —

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Wish I Did

i still want that lamp,
but i'm kind of reluctant
to spend my money on something
i really don't need.
need is the key word here.
do i need a floor lamp.
no, i don't need it.
but i want it!
want it!
instead of purchasing a lamp,
i went grocery shopping.
that's responsible, right?
i need to eat, so i bought food.
again, the key word: need.
funny, i didn't want to buy groceries.

i bumped into a girl who remembered me
from a party several weeks back.
she looked very familiar.
i knew her face,
but i couldn't remember how i knew her face.
when she saw me, she smiled and said "hi"
in that way that people who've met before say "hi".
so then i said "hey, how are you?",
with a deer-in-headlights look on my face.
"do you remember me?" she said with a smile.
"uhmm... you look familiar..."
this pretty girl with her cute smile and cute hair
(in my defense, her hair is different than before)
not only remembered me, but
she was actually talking to me
and i can't even remember who she is!
so we small talked a bit.
i'm sure most of what i said
didn't make sense in the least.
and then as she was walking away i said,
"now, don't go changing your hair before i see you again!"
what the hell is that?!
i'm a dork.

— — —

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What's the 'B' Stand For?

my all-time favorite gift ever
(birthday, christmas, graduation)
is the oral-b sonic complete
my sister gave to me
for christmas this year!
i just used it for the first time
i'm just blown away, feeling like
i just got up from the dentist's chair.
dentist's chair clean. that clean!
this thing makes brushing fun again.
now they need to make a flossing machine!

— — —

Monday, December 24, 2007

T(w)o-Do Lists

to-day's to-dos:
1) work.
2) reduce pile of dirty clothes by half.
2b) procrastinate with utter contentment.
3) work.
4) purchase gifts for family.
5) relax.
6) work.

to-morrow's to-dos:
1) eat a sensible breakfast.
2) open my christmas presents.
3) eat a delicious christmas dinner.
4) drink plenty of beer.
5) sleep soundly.

— — —

Monday, December 17, 2007

Best. Reply. Ever.

RE: The Message I Sent to You on 12/15. That's Yesterday.
Either you have a lot of time on your hands or you are in serious need of creative outlet! Maybe you need your own Saturday Night Live skit. It could be like 'Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy' only way funnier.

So, in regards to your message on 12/15, that's two days ago, it is strangely disappointing to learn about Gicle (how's it spelled again?). I did know what it was but when you say it with such non-poetic words as you did I find myself feeling sad and unfulfilled by my previous love for the medium. I feel that maybe you have just stripped the last bit of wonder and magic from my life by your caloused depiction. Although the finality of your previous message was quite harsh, it was completely overshadowed by the emptiness you left where my love for Gicle had once lived.

goodbye michael... maybe not forever, but at least for now.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Taking His Time Getting There, Pt. 1 & Pt. 2


i have actual cash-money,
in my pocket, as i type.
i will take this opportunity
to put the aforementioned cash-money
into my back pocket
and walk to the cornerstone cafe
to eat breakfast for lunch.
it's not exactly lunch time.
neither is it breakfast time.
would it be brunch then?
when does breakfast end
and brunch begin?
when does brunch end
and lunch begin?...
oh boy, i can almost taste
those country-style fried taters!
and i'm thinking i might get sausage and bacon!
i know, right?!

EDIT (after brunchfast):
i've just returned from eating a delicious brunchfast
(i've decided to call it brunchfast)
at the cafe two blocks from my apartment.
i had the denver omelette
(minus onions and plus cheddar)
with country-style fried potatoes and white toast.
i prefer hash browns to country-style fried potatoes,
but, unfortunately, they don't serve hash browns.
oh, and two glasses of orange juice.
i enjoy the anonymity of eating in a cafe
with a good book and some sweet tunes.

EDIT (12/15/07): apparently, i wanted to use 'aforementioned'
so much i used it two consecutive posts.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Five Bucks Will Get You...

tonights agenda (in chrono. order)
upper playground grand opening
didn't realize it opens next saturday!
find caffeine fix
drank two 20oz. coffees thinking i'd be up late. cursing myself now!
design within reach event
never made it.
the evening episode/dusty brown show
the eve. ep. cancelled.
sleep a few hours
commencing in t-minus 15-min.
holy crap! i'm not the least bit tired! i'll be worthless tomorrow.
• work

— — —

Von Iva Fuck Friday

von iva

i just danced the night away
(as much as i could anyway -
i have to start working at 5;
3 hours from now, give or take.)
i went to fuck fridays at the townhouse
and saw von iva perform and
they were amazing. i'd have enjoyed it more
if i'd have had more room to dance.
the place was packed!
which isn't really bad,
because the place was crawling
with cute girls. it was a good night.
oh and i almost lost my voice.
hopefully it works when i wake up in 3 hours!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Made In China, $2.99

somehow i got it in my head
to say adios instead of bye
every time someone says bye to me.
it's seemingly unstoppable!
i'm trying to quit and i can't!
and it's effing pissing me off!
for at least a week now,
each time someone shouts
"okay. i'm leaving. bye!",
there's my stupid face yelling back
"adios! see you later!"
... wtf!

Monday, December 3, 2007

And Then What?

it's 4:17 AM
just a minute ago
i was brushing my teeth
and for some reason...