Friday, October 16, 2009

do you sleep?

i dream this world. i was waiting for a load of laundry to finish it’s washing cycle at a laundromat. then suddenly i was in a cupcake bakery. i didn’t know it was a bakery until i was standing at it’s ordering counter (perhaps my brain hadn’t made up it’s mind where i wanted to be). i noticed nobody as standing, not even the employees. it was as though everyone was waiting for something. the menu board hanged by a string, off of the wall, and was turned around. the back of the board was the same color as the wall, so it was difficult to see that it was even there. as i stood there, it dawned on me that everyone was waiting for the next batch of cupcakes. I got the attention of the girl behind the counter and, as if i knew already what was going on, i asked “almost?” and she said “how’s three minutes?” then everyone sprang to life. another employee started writing, with marker, the names of the cupcakes on the butcher paper that was spread out over the front counter. his marker was running out of ink. the customers, who’d been seated at tables were now lined up behind me. everyone, including me, was very excited about these cupcakes. while i stood there, at the front of the line, i remembered my laundry. i thought that it must be done washing and it’s just sitting there all damp, waiting to be moved to the dryer. then, suddenly, i remembered that my sister was going to call me. then i woke up. my phone was ringing. it was my sister. creepy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

keepin it real, torrential rain-style

autumn… may i call you fall? we’re buds, no? well, fall, winter just squashed you, dude! what’s up with that? As much as I love Winter, and all the gloriously gloomy and wonderfully wet weather that comes with it, I do fancy a good fall before I gotta start bundling up! I always welcome the falling of your leaves, the change of colors, and the apples up in them hills! In fact, it’s the apples that make me enjoy you the most, man! Nobody wants to get soaked trekking up to Apple Hill in soggy, muddy boots! Nosireebob! So, although I like this winterish weather we’re having today, I’m just a little bit sad that it isn’t just brisk and hazy instead. take care.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

she said you're very friendly

When you don’t sleep for two days, you spend the following week trying to gain back that lost 8-hours! Blegh! My eye is twitching. A sign? An eye sign? I wish I felt sleepy right about now. I wish I was brain-deep into some serious mind-blowing dreams right about now. Instead, I’m laying in bed, typing this out on my BlackBerry, because AT&T sucks and my DSL isn’t working! Shit… I think the twitchy eye just shut down completely.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

i am ready to owe you anything

what is the name of this place? why did we come here? this was your idea. my hands are vibrating. when i hold them to my ears, i can hear them buzzing. i can remember. first letter. i can remember, if given enough time. we were there. the birds have stopped chirping. i don’t hear them anymore. the one to which all others have been compared & contrasted.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


i'm freezing and i love it! i'm actually shivering right now. maybe i should put some pants on. and maybe shut my bedroom window. no wonder i was so cold last night! i fell asleep as soon as i got in last night. i've been staying up way too late lately and it's taking it's toll on me each morning. i must look like a (handsome) walking corpse. and i had such strange dreams because of it. strange, good dreams though. and i woke up when i woke up this morning. no alarms to kick me out of bed. nice! feels nice. i have a feeling this is going to be a wonderful winter. oh! and i lost 15 lbs.! how the hell did that happen (and when)?!