Monday, April 21, 2008

beautiful losers

beautiful losers

i'm waiting patiently for this to come to town.
it better, at least, go to san francisco.

paint the sky sunshine gold

my lungs are undoubtedly coated with a fine layering of gold spray paint.
i should replace the two respirators i had to throw away before my last move.

i'm slightly blind this morning. The sun is shining! and the air is cool.

good morning.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

a short conversation with summer

hey! i'm glad you could meet me on such short notice.
so, what's up? you're lookin' hot! wow! so hot!
where've you been? oh, down south, huh? getting some rays?
cool, cool... that's awesome. nice. awesome...
nice and awesome! hahahaha... ahhh... so...

well, i guess i should get to it.
i'll just say it, then... why, um... why the fuck!
no, i told myself i wouldn't cuss at this thing. i'm sorry.
let me start over...

why are you here?! here, here! in this city, here!
i, uh... i thought we had an agreement.
we discussed this several months ago, did we not?
don't you remember? we were both there, weren't we?
was i talking to myself or something? i don't think so!
oh, i was, was i? so, i must be crazy then, huh? whatever!
i remember specifically, asking, no, telling you to stay the...
there i go again with the cussing. i'm sorry. please...
no no, please sit. please. i'll control myself.
okay, what i'm trying to say is this:
you're hot and it's driving me nuts! i can't help it.
it's like when you're around, i get all hot and sweaty. and uncomfortable.
it's just not natural! what?! shut up! it isn't natural at all!
just go, please! go away and never return! i hate you!
i was so much happier when you were gone. i was finally smiling again!
we... all of us! we were so happy while you were gone. so happy.
and now i have to wait through several long months of you?!
i'm just not ready. and i'll tell you right now, i won't be happy!

oh man, that felt good. this is good. i feel so much better!
i've been carrying that around with me for a long time.
okay, so, listen, since you'll be around for a while,
you think you can keep it cool around here and not be such a bastard?
it doesn't need to be cold, just, you know, not scorching inferno hot.
oh, you can't promise anything? well, yeah, that figures!

Friday, April 11, 2008


i just returned home from having breakfast for lunch and
it is absolutely, disgustingly, effin' hot outside today!
forecasters are saying it'll be 83 today and 85 tomorrow.
and it'll only get hotter as it gets closer to july and august.
i don't, at all, look forward to temperatures in the 100s.
i'll have to break out the ol' short pants pretty soon.

i really need to find myself a lifestyle that'll
keep me in colder climates at all times.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

when the water rises


"The movie is visionary and elegiac, more a fable than a story, and frame
by frame, it looks like a portfolio of spaces so wide, so open, that men
must wonder if they have a role beneath such indifferent skies."
—roger ebert

for five years i'd been racking my brain trying to shake out any sort of clue
that might help me remember the title of this movie. for the life of me,
i just couldn't remember! my failed memory has tormented me to this day.

i remember only that each and every second was filled with so much beautiful imagery.
vivid and surreal. open and airy. all color was muted, cool and dry.

it'll be terribly disappointing if it isn't as good as i remember.

Monday, April 7, 2008

the bottlebulb concept

i'm thinking i could do this with an amber wine bottle
(or green, i don't know yet) and
sand the fuck out of it to make it matte, then
drill a hole in the bottom to feed the cord through and
attach some lighting hardware to the top!
and i'll buy some of those half-chrome bulbs.

trust me, it looks really rad in my head!

also my fern seems to be dying.

so you want to be president?

i've been reading (#3)

mcsweeney's quarterly concern #25
this time around it's a tiny hardbound book (7.5 x 6 x 1 inches).
apparently, this issue is from way back in november?
the magazine shop didn't have #26, which should be available now.
and issue #27 is due to be released any day now, if not already.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

my love starved heart

such odd dreams last night.

i dreamt that i was a cigarette smoker and
i enjoyed it.

in the dream that i dreamt,
i'd spent all of my money.
i had no savings. i had no checking.
all i had left was the $65 in my pocket and
i was stressing, because my cell phone bill needed to be paid.
(which really does need to be paid today)

although not technically a nightmare,
it did scare me awake.
you know how you wake yourself up when
things in dreams get too intense.
i was like "fuck this!" and woke up.
it was 10:08 AM.

i have suspicions that
this strange dream may have something to do with
the massive amount of chicken and rosemary rice pilaf i ate last night.

funny- it's just past noon. lunch is
leftover chicken and rosemary rice pilaf!
i better not nap today.