Friday, May 30, 2008

or what i did on my lunch break

if you could do a trip anywhere in north america
(say you have 2-3 weeks for this trip)
where would you go and
what would you do?

i never think of traveling,
until someone suggests to me,
'you should do some traveling.'

when i was going to school in s.f.,
i'd wake up at 3:45 am five days a week,
and catch the first train out of sacramento.
i miss the feeling of getting to my destination
without the responsibility of getting myself there.
i'd sit at the window and stare out into the openness
or sleep and dream of the possibilities.
(i just wrote that and suddenly
wanted to kick my own ass)

traveling by rail,
with it's many stops,
allows one to see all the inbetween spots
far from the major highways and thoroughfares.
and traveling by plane would be out of the question.
rail is pretty much worry-free.
no gas needed. no speeding tickets.
no worrying about other (drunk) drivers.
so that's what i've come up with this morning.
(the last hour was spent making this sweet map!)

(click it to see it bigger)

i'd start in sacramento,
head south to los angeles.
and then make my way eastward.
obviously, i would get my ass off the train
and dive into every town and wilderness i found myself.
who knows where i'll end up.

fyi: i took liberties drawing the dashed line.
it isn't meant to be accurately representational.
but it gives you an idea of the path i'd like to take.

also, i'm too lazy
(and running out of time)
to go into detail on the reasons
i'd visit each of those places.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

if i were rich, no.100

i'm sure throughout this blog
one might find many products
which indeed fall into a price range
that is ridiculously incongruous
with my personal shopping price range.

so i won't pretend
that this isn't the first time
i want something i can't afford.
that would be disrespectful to you
(aka, no one) and myself.

i came up with a not-so-clever title
and i'd like to continue using it
to designate all the overpriced shit
i write about — which, between you and me,
is mostly everything i write about.

33" extra-deep suitcase w/wheels, $2,400.00

the so-called globe-trotter x j.crew luggage is...
if i were english, i think i'd say 'bloody brilliant!'
but i'm californian, so i'm inclined to say 'hella rad!'

'smart' and 'sexy' also come to mind.
am i wrong?!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

obama x tycho

i know it's all political propaganda,
being used to try to win-over the younger voters,
but damn if it isn't working on me!
not really, though.
i'd vote for obama anyway.
but the hip factor is a plus.

first came these examples of style mastery. (munk one, sam flores)

then came these products of brilliance. (shepard fairy, mac)
that mac print is utterly amazing!
yes, utterly!

and now tycho gives us this!
two of my favorite things, combined!
obama and tycho! oh snap!

i shouldn't be saying tycho, should i?
iso150 doesn't roll off the tongue as well.
plus tycho reminds me of tonka.
and tonka reminds me of tonka trucks!
which were awesome!

Friday, May 23, 2008

old tree

this is tree no.2 in a series of four.
i drew them several months ago. and
i probably posted them— no, i know i did.
but i can't find the post, so
i must have immediately erased it.

this is my favorite of the three.
i'd like to explore this a bit.

the little circles remind me of blood cells
filled with life and energy and vibrancy.

the other night, i dreamt of van gogh skies.

Friday, May 9, 2008

arrived today!

those little things are lapel buttons.
one has barack's face on it. ha!
i can't wait to wear my t-shirt.

Monday, May 5, 2008

the king of wit is quite the twit.

three coronas and i'm good, thank you very much.
i'll be heading home now.
now that it's half past four in the afternoon.
(give or take. in this case, take.)
and it was free!
or so it was, until next time we're out drinkin'.
i thought for sure, the giant super (or was it super giant)
burrito would soak up most of the al-key-hol.
nope! it didn't.
so i walked the three or four blocks with a drunken strut,
underneath clear skies and a sunny... sun.
i could have come up with soemthing more clever than sunny sun.
but as you now know. i'm not in the best frame of mind to be writing so eloquently.
here's to afternoon intoxication!

no really, this is not something i should be writing about.
and i should probably erase this post when i'm in my right mind.
'til then!