Saturday, May 24, 2008

obama x tycho

i know it's all political propaganda,
being used to try to win-over the younger voters,
but damn if it isn't working on me!
not really, though.
i'd vote for obama anyway.
but the hip factor is a plus.

first came these examples of style mastery. (munk one, sam flores)

then came these products of brilliance. (shepard fairy, mac)
that mac print is utterly amazing!
yes, utterly!

and now tycho gives us this!
two of my favorite things, combined!
obama and tycho! oh snap!

i shouldn't be saying tycho, should i?
iso150 doesn't roll off the tongue as well.
plus tycho reminds me of tonka.
and tonka reminds me of tonka trucks!
which were awesome!

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