Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

please keep me in mind

eero & mchl's morning ritual

(01) mchl wakes up, turns onto back, rubs eyes, yawns
(02) eero makes first attempt to climb onto mchl's chest for petting
(03) eero makes second attempt to climb onto mchl's chest for petting
(04) mchl, too sleepy to do any petting, runs for the bathroom
(05) eero gets to bathroom first, jumps onto counter, waits for water
(06) mchl brushes teeth, plugs sink, turns on water for eero
(07) mchl takes the hottest shower known to man, eero waits at door
(08) mchl gets dressed, puts on socks and shoes, eero attacks laces
(09) mchl packs his messenger bag, eero attacks messenger bag strap
(10) mchl grabs keys, eero runs downstairs, mchl walks downstairs
(11) eero stands by front door, mchl scratches eeros neck
(12) eero meows, mchl yawns

i'll tame your heart with a careful hand

ferraby lionheart — "small planet"

Thursday, February 5, 2009

makes the day seem shorter

i'm almost too embarrassed to share this sketch.
pencil on corrugated cardboard.

when i lived in san francisco,
le video was right down the street.
they pretty much have any movie you can think of.

drawing: mchl mchl