Monday, December 22, 2008

we wish things were the way things once were

FW: How you been?
Monday, December 22, 2008 3:26 PM

I found this cleaning out my emails. I love you!


How you been?
Monday, December 16, 2002 3:35 PM

What is up with you? I haven't seen or heard from you in weeks!
Is your commute around town going well? Mom wanted me to check
on you b/c she hasn't heard from you. Call us.

Re: How you been?
Tuesday, December 17, 2002 11:21 AM

for the past few days i've been trying to fight off a cold. the
other day, during my lunch break at work, i walked to walgreen's
to buy something to help get rid of it. i bought some dayquil and
niquil gel caps -except it was walgreen's brand. nyquil is expensive!-
the dayquil seemed to help somewhat during the rest of my shift. and
the nyquil must have worked, because i slept well that night. i haven't
used any of it since. but now that i'm writing about it, i think i'll
try it again today. i just have to find where i put the bag. this
weather isn't helping anything either.

i'm sure it's just as bad in sacramento. the other night the wind was
blowing so hard up the hill, the rain was coming in sideways. and it's
unpredictable and inconsistent. i've been caught in a downpour more than
a few times this week. yesterday morning, i had christina wake up at 5am
to drive me to work. i've done more than a few favors for her in the past,
so i cashed-in one of my favors of her. the rain doesn't bother me. nor
does having to ride my bike to work. but having to ride my bike to work
in the rain at 5am makes me want to have my truck again - sorta.

other than trying to figure out how i'll get to work in the early
mornings, the commuting thing has been going well. although it takes
much longer to get from one place to another. last week, i was coming
home from school when i realized i was supposed to meet some people
from my computer drafting class for a group project. i'd already taken
the busses halfway home. so i jumped off and waited for a returning
bus. i waited for at least 20 minutes! when i finally got back to the
school, the people were already gone. other than that, it's been
going well. no problems. i know, pretty much, most of the
busses and trains that can get me to the places i need to be.

i've been so busy with working and getting my final project done for
my product design class, i've lost track of days. and i haven't been
getting regular sleep. staying at school until they close the shop down
at 10pm, getting home after 11pm, then waking up as early as 4:30am is
beginning to take it's toll. but the funny thing is, i like it. it's sort
of fun. i like having to time my moves. finding out when the next bus comes.
giving myself time to get from one place to another. jumping off the train
when i change my mind about where i want to go. and not having to find a
space to park my truck. there's a sense of freedom that comes with
possessing a MUNI "fast pass". it's so cool.

i'll call you soon. and mom. but right now i have to go to school before
it starts pouring down rain again.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

he whispered to her i think they can smell our vodka

she: what should we get? nothing hard.
he: but you said you don't like beer.
she: maybe something hard then. not tequila.
he: vodka!
she: okay, which kind?

. . .
vodka'll warm us up. :he
like the russians. :she
like the russians! :he

photo: mchl mchl

they just gave it to you for free?

image: mchl mchl

exploration of complex interpersonal relationships

leonard cohen

his famed high baritone of the 1980s
may have changed to a low baritone for the 2000s,
but there is absolutely no mistaking that cohen voice.

a clip from "leonard cohen: i'm your man"
featuring cohen singing tower of song.

martha wainwright performed on letterman
a a wonderful, speedier version of tower of song.

cohen released the song hallelujah in 1984.
10-years later, jeff buckley made it something special.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

are you flying that plane?

nathaniel ayers suffered a mental breakdown while attending the
julliard school, a performing arts conservatory in new york city.
he dropped out and began performing on the streets.

after meeting ayers on the street in los angeles, steve lopez began
writing a series of articles about his friendship with ayers.
the articles inspired a book. the book inspired a movie.

the soloist

the trailer for the film features a wonderful cello solo.
yo-yo ma — bach's "suite for cello solo no. 1"

Friday, December 5, 2008

the entire day to explore and have adventures

who knew there were homes like these in daly city? so cool.
one might be more inclined to live there now!

and here i was thinking the greatest thing about daly city
was their two target's located within two blocks from each other.

i want that blue house in a bad way!
i mean, look at those windows. they're giant!

photo: todd lappin
via: sfgirlbybay

Thursday, December 4, 2008

knowingly he continues

merus winery, i now know you exist,
after reading all about your winery over here.
don't you worry, i will be making a visit very soon!
and i'll taste your wine, which i'm sure tastes ridiculous.
that's a good ridiculous, by the way. but, really, i'll be there
to see, in person, all of the cool rooms i'm seeing in those photos!

walking hand in hand dreaming in the same space


photo: chelakmaxim

he knew her eyes were fixed on him & he smiled

sometimes i forget if i've already written about something in this blog.
right now, i'm wondering if i've already raved about these boots.

i'm always on the lookout for new footwear. boots this time of year.
a couple of months ago, i found timberland boot company.
not timberland, but timberland boot company.
and i'm really diggin' their stuff, man!
especially the 'surveyor chukka'.
i like that word.

timberland boot co.

Monday, November 24, 2008

i can imagine it working out perfectly

photos: mchl mchl

you have to imagine it on your own

sweet! i just found my only sweatpants at the bottom of a pile
of clothes i never wear. score! i am freezing, so i am wearing them now,
but i can smell them and they smell like they've been at the bottom
of a pile of clothes i never wear! and i don't care!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

o and p become q and r. boom!

today, i read the alphabet,
in 3-d, at least twenty times.

this thick, little book is
just as i had imagined it'd be and
just as many of the reviews had stated.



photos: mchl mchl

Friday, November 14, 2008

a heady, inviting aroma. say what?

this'll be a long one.

if gold were liquid, which i guess, it could
if you melt it, and if it were brown instead of...
well, gold, which i guess is kinda brown?— stay with me,
i'm going somewhere with this— then the winter solstice tea
from peet's is "gold, jerry! gold!" oh my goldness!
(see what i just did there? goldness? heh!)
i've been drinking cups of it all day.
the tin'll be empty by evening.

i just don't know. i don't neeeeeed it.
but i waaaaaaant it! two very different things
that i get confused too often. want usually kicks need's ass.
in this case, need kind of has an edge, because want has changed
into don't-want-but-still-sorta-want. those bastards at mcsweeney's
keep sending letters telling me i've allowed my subscription
to wholphin to expire, but it's not too late! i could
"renew today and receive a free gift!"
okay, i want!

no i don't!

i'd really, really (that's twice as much as usually)
like to create something for myself! but i can't bring myself
to start on anything. i have all of these ideas, but when i get ready
to do something, i somehow find something to distract me! i have this idea
to start drawing portraits of my friends/whomever and give them to them as holiday
presents (see how p.c. i am? hmm? yeah.) writing all of this down just now has
squeezed all of my creative juices into my fingers. no wonder my fingers are
so fat! mom always said it was "big bones"! after i'm done writing this
here blog entry, i think i'll force myself to the old drafting table
and pump some shit out. i say force cause that's the only
way it's gonna happen. and if i feel the slightest bit
procrastinatory (my word!), i'll just look to
david byrne. a photo of david byrne,
a new addition to my inspiration wall.
i should've added him, a long time ago,
to my list of "creative geniuses with whom
i'd like to have a cup of tea with". yes, i know
there're two withs in that sentence. i want it that way.

that's the photo of mr. byrne.

breakfast at cornerstone is becoming a boring ritual.
i've always enjoyed the alone time i have when i eat there,
but my reasons for eating there've changed. it used to be i ate there
because it reminded me of being back in the sunset district, in san francisco,
where i'd walk down the hill to irving and grab a burrito from... what's that burrito
place with the green sign? gordo? something spanish! i forget. i stopped there a lot.
and the burger joint next door with the asian lady who knew my name and my order
(steak sandwich). anyway, i'm rambling. i need something new. someplace new.
somenew thing. somenew place. i suppose i could start inviting
other people to breakfast. but then, see, that would defeat
my whole "alone time" thing. i'm stuck.

not that kind of "alone time"!

i ordered one of those digital tv converters
with my $40 coupon! i'm excited! no, really, i am.
i haven't had cable tv in ages. cable and satellite tv is a rip off.
almost everything on tv and absolutely everything on cable is worthless
and... and... stupid! i'm sorry, but it's stupid! even your favorite show!
so i'll stick to watching free tv with my lil rabbit ears, thank you.
and now, well, now i'll be able to watch tv without wondering
why it's snowing on every show. but i'm worried that
i'll revert to the girlfriend-less, tv-all-day-long
couch potato of my early twenties.
frick! where're the oreos?!

nom! nom! nom!

i've mentioned monocle magazine here and there.
probably my favorite of all the magazines i read regularly.
it calls itself "a briefing on global affairs, business, culture & design".
so basically, it's filled with smart and thought-provoking articles/interviews
and really rad photography of locations i'd never heard of before! and
the design of the whole thing, from cover to cover, is awesome.
right down to the texture of the paper they print it on.
smart, professional, cultured and sexy!
dude, if monocle were a woman, i'd marry her
and probably be shamefully covered in paper cuts.

don't judge me!

photo of tea tin: mchl mchl

oh damn! yes, she did!

mike relm — "everytime"
feat. del the funky homosapien and adrian hartley

first, you get hooked by the music. you think, "this is cool music.
she looks like a very nice and wholesome young lady. and she just woke
up in that awesome apartment. i'd like to wake up to music like this." but
then it gets to a certain spot in the video when you suddenly think, "hey,
young lady, you spilled some of your coffee on the floor... wait, she's
doing this on purpose! why would... hey, did it just reverse?!" then,
a few seconds later, you understand you're about to get the
full story. "ooooh! she slept well, alright. really well.
now i know why. she's not a nice young lady
at all! i was so wrong about her!
but this music is great!"

that's what went through my head anyway.

via: mike relm

Monday, November 10, 2008

the red stripe of quality is what it is

helped my friend move yesterday.
woke up this morning and my body was tired/drained.
came directly home from work and napped away the afternoon.
woke up about two hours ago and my body was effing sore and shtuff!
went and got my favorite "super nachos" from my favorite messican place
and also got my favorite jamaican beer from my favorite corner liquor store.
i'm feeling better now, but... yeah...

Friday, November 7, 2008

all i wanna do is

above : before

below : after
( at apartment therapy )

as i was re-arranging (once again) my little understairs table o'books,
a great idea for a book organizer popped into my head!
it ain't no stupid, orderly bookshelf either!
it'd be such a simple product to make.
i know what i'll be doing tomorrow.

i miss that fern. eero chewed it up along with two little cacti.
i just noticed i haven't set that clock back.

photos: mchl mchl

Saturday, November 1, 2008

to yuba

many people these days choose to dress up and get trashed for halloween.
i on the other hand, choose to dress up and spend halloween with my family.
i caught a ride with my sis and headed north, to my aunt's house in yuba city.
i love seeing my cousin's kids dressed up as their favorite characters.
this year we had a ghostbuster, pirate, lion, turtle and dead goth
cheerleader. there weren't many people out trick-or-treating
this year. i told the kids it meant more candy for them.

i made the most of a 45-minute car trip, to and from.

video: mchl mchl

Thursday, October 30, 2008

it's obvious to you now. nothing.

a beer and a half and i'm buzzed?!
even i can't stand to look at my fucking self!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

arlington oaks

Re: i want to be sedated

for some reason making this list has made me feel like lying on the floor
in a strip of sunlight that has come in through the window and falling asleep. :)

oh - by the way... falling asleep in the autumn sun
is one of my favorite things to do...


Re: Re: i want to be sedated

one of my fondest childhood memories is lying on my bed and watching the curtains
blow wildly as the first cool breezes of the season blew through my bedroom window.
our neighborhood was in the middle of nowhere and our house was in the very back
corner, so we had fields galore to gather some good gusts. with each burst,
the curtains danced and the sun filled the room
and landed—smack!—on my face. :)


Monday, October 27, 2008

and in it, i could fly

photo: mchl mchl

i float up streams

jacob golden — "out come the wolves"

i can't remember what year it was
when i first saw a jacob golden live show.
it was down the steps 'round back at fools foundation,
the much beloved indie music venue in the basement
of some nondescript office building
in downtown sacramento.

what i do remember is being blown away
with how much he rocked that dark concrete vault
they called a live music venue-slash-indie art gallery.
after the show, i made my way to the tiny merch table
and purchased his handmade cd, revenge songs.
best concert purchase ever.

jacob golden