Thursday, October 30, 2008

it's obvious to you now. nothing.

a beer and a half and i'm buzzed?!
even i can't stand to look at my fucking self!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

arlington oaks

Re: i want to be sedated

for some reason making this list has made me feel like lying on the floor
in a strip of sunlight that has come in through the window and falling asleep. :)

oh - by the way... falling asleep in the autumn sun
is one of my favorite things to do...


Re: Re: i want to be sedated

one of my fondest childhood memories is lying on my bed and watching the curtains
blow wildly as the first cool breezes of the season blew through my bedroom window.
our neighborhood was in the middle of nowhere and our house was in the very back
corner, so we had fields galore to gather some good gusts. with each burst,
the curtains danced and the sun filled the room
and landed—smack!—on my face. :)


Monday, October 27, 2008

and in it, i could fly

photo: mchl mchl

i float up streams

jacob golden — "out come the wolves"

i can't remember what year it was
when i first saw a jacob golden live show.
it was down the steps 'round back at fools foundation,
the much beloved indie music venue in the basement
of some nondescript office building
in downtown sacramento.

what i do remember is being blown away
with how much he rocked that dark concrete vault
they called a live music venue-slash-indie art gallery.
after the show, i made my way to the tiny merch table
and purchased his handmade cd, revenge songs.
best concert purchase ever.

jacob golden

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

howdy neighbor

the above video exists only so that i may share with you
the wonderful sounds that come from the apartment next door.
he's an older fella. if you saw him at the supermarket
you'd never think the guy could rock out like this.
ocassionally, he'll play other instruments, but
mostly it's just the electric guitar.

my canon powershot a80 is on her last leg,
but she gets the simple jobs done.

video: mchl mchl

Monday, October 20, 2008

you gotta eat something, it's why your head hurts

today was filled with:
- planting myself on the pretty girl's radar,
- a person from the past, happy memories of first times.
- finally getting myself a new california i.d. card,
- sitting in a crowded room, hating the dmv.
- pedaling for miles, burning calories.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


i food-poisoned myself with oreo cookies this morning.
then exacerbated it with a large popcorn,
half of a hot dog and milk duds.

w., the movie, is good for a few yucks and chucks,
but at the end, i felt sorry for the man.
a feeling which doesn't sit well
with my distaste for him.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

you know the moment

sigur rós — "popplagid"
greek theatre — berkeley, california

3 October 2008

sigur rós

Saturday, October 4, 2008

countless beers and a tri-tip sandwich

sigur rós
greek theatre — berkeley, california

3 October 2008

we came prepared for rain.
or, at least i thought we did, until we got to berkeley.
the girls had their brand new ponchos, but matt didn't. an oversight
and some miscommunication on my part. i felt bad (and still do). but the weather gods
were kind enough to wait until the last possible moment to give us what we knew
was coming. and that last possible moment was a priceless
moment. the most priceless moment
of priceless moments!

it was awesome!

close your eyes for a moment.
imagine you're seated at a concert
in an historic amphitheater. the light mist in the air
comes and goes, but it hasn't rained. sigur ros has just
run off-stage after playing gobbledigook—a pefect finale song
accompanied by a jaw-dropping display of confetti being blasted
from air cannons. the crowd is roaring, pleading for more beautiful music.
a few seconds later, the band returns. they begin to play popplagid. the crowd
respectfully goes silent. everyone knows that what they are about to experience
will be something great. something to tell the kids some day. the light mist returns.
slowly the mist turns to a heavy sprinkle. the crowd quickly begins to cover up.
sigur ros, probably noticing the fortuitous events that are about to transpire,
seem to be playing with renewed energy. the waves of falling rain are
illuminated by the stagelights. the crowded floor is pulsing with
excitement. it's a small sea of hands reaching up to the rain.
screaming. clapping. you can feel the intensity.
you think to yourself, "this is perfect."
because it is perfect.
utterly perfect!
but then, ...
then, it's all over.
just like that, the stage goes dark.
you see the crowd. you know they're roaring,
but in your head there is just silence, as you scan
the mass of screaming faces. it is wonderful. brilliant!
you're standing there, in the rain and you say to yourself,
"the most priceless moment of priceless moments. wow!"
and immediately, you think that that's what you'll
write when you blog about this tomorrow,
because this was something special.

here, this is for you. enjoy:
sigur rós — sæglópur