Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a. iii

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29 Sep 2008, 23:50

i love socks too! especially argyle.
if i could do it without feeling like a complete tool,
i'd wear golfer's knickerbockers
with knee-high argyle socks and saddle shoes! seriously!

you ARE cool as shit. don't ever doubt that!
you should definitely have a pair of chucks! i have black,
cause i can wear them with just about anything. but i can't see you wearing black.
as far as i can tell, you're a very colorful person; inside and out.
what's your favorite color? get THAT color!

why did i drop out? because i'm too cool for school!
but seriously, i quit going about a year after my mother died.
i lost my focus and couldn't concentrate well enough
to produce anything worthy of a passing grade.
i felt empty of all creativity.
i felt empty in general.
then, finally, my grade point average
dropped .02-points below the acceptable level
for financial aid eligibility. i no longer qualified for financial aid
and i couldn't afford to pay tuition on my own, so i quit. and i never went back.

i wonder if you've enjoyed your stay in the city that i love so much.


3 Oct 2008, 19:40

oh man! that outfit sounds rad!!

I have to say my favorite color is turquoise -
so i may get a turq pair or a 'jean' blue pair. :)

San Francisco was fantastic.
your list came in so handy and i was totally excited
when ever i found something that you recommended.
We did the 'divey bar' night just as you suggested and had a blast.

and dotties!! wow. we didnt have to wait
cause we went for a true Brunch at noon but i saw the line ups earlier that day.
went to eden and eden - chatted with the owner for a bit. very cool space.
i didnt buy anything but was thinking of ordering the horse t-shirt
cause i love it:

totally enjoyed SFMOMA
(even thought the Frida Kahlo show was sold out - boo),
and LOVED the new science museum! the exhibit design was amazing.

had a fucking delicious veggie sandwich at java beach
and had fun taking the muni out there!

i had your list up on my iphone the whole time. :)
so basically you rock and next time i am in the bay area
i hope you are too cause i'd love to take you out for a beer or five!

i'm sorry about your mother.
that must have been a very hard time.
you seem to have gotten your creativity back!
i think your sketches and photos are really wonderful.

have a great weekend michael!


a. ii

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25 Sep 2008, 00:29

okay! yeah, that's just what i wished you'd say.
and you asked around even? wow, that's fantastic!
i underestimated the amount of effort you've put into this.
thank you very much for your help. my uncertainty has definitely been quashed
and i will, indeed, continue sporting my chucks like the rare older rad gem that i am!

black leather highs: in poor shape and probably need to be replaced.
black canvas lows: great for flaunting my awesome sock collection.

and you? do you own chucks? if not, why not?!

hey! here's a little factoid:
while you're in s.f., you may notice,
throughout the city there are buildings with black signs
for the academy of art university. that's the art school i dropped out of!

i hope you have a blast!


26 Sep 2008, 10:22

ooooo - i love socks!
i have cut jeans short to show off socks...

the funny thing is, no,
i do not have a pair of chucks
and I have never owned a pair.

it kind of a timely question though
because for the last little while i have been asking myself
why I don't have a pair... i always think they look cute when i see girls rocking them...
and i've looked at them lately in stores but have never actually tried them on.
its like i cant decide what color would be the best. i know i dont want black,
mostly because is associate them with a girl i dislike,
but i've been thinking about a neutral color
that kind of goes with everything.

I think the reason that i have not owned a pair ever
might be because my younger brother always had them and of course
i wanted to be different from him... and then i started thinking that if i'd always had a pair
then it would just be a natural thing for me to keep on getting them when then they wore out...
but since i'd never owned a pair that it would be like cheating
or somehow like i was trying to be someone i'm not.
(dammit! i guess i'm not cool as shit!!)

and then there was the age thing like you mentioned.
I'm even older than you and so you can imagine my thoughts in that regard. lol.

over analyzing? perhaps.
but hey, thats just the way i roll.

i loved your question.

I'll look out for the black signs!
why did you drop out?


a. i


22 Sep 2008, 12:35

i was getting ready to head out and
explore in this wonderful weather we're having here,
but i paused before selecting some footwear.

converse chuck taylor's and the thirty-year olds who choose to wear them on a almost-daily basis:
are these men trying to cling to their youth or are they cool as shit for deciding not to conform
to society's misconception of what an grown man
should do and wear?


24 Sep 2008, 12:15

that is a very good question...
i wonder the same kinds of things myself.
after much consideration and asking opinions of others (for some perspective on this)
i have to say that i do think "chucks" are classic and defy categories
and i don't think anyone is unfit for them.

I'm also starting to think that it is actually cooler when 30+ year olds wear them.
people who may well have been in the 'school' that 'old school' refers too...
older rad people are so rare. they are like gems.
most of the rad people i know have a pair
of converse in their shoe collection...

so to answer your question, i think you are cool as shit and
i think that you should continue to wear converse chuck taylor's.

do you wear the lows or the highs?


ps. 2 more sleeps till san francisco... :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

life without bees

right outside my apartment, about three-feet from my front door there is a very bizarre bush/tree/monster thing that looks like some kind of ground-bound, chlorophyl-filled, octo-flora-pus with equally bizarre blossoms that hang down very low, like five-million tentacles waiting for the perfect opportunity to snatch the cap from my noggin. i do... wear caps, i mean. though, not frequently. i'll pop on a beanie from time to time. and i wear my driver's cap on occasion.

everytime i leave my apartment i can hear the ominous buzzing of the octo-flora-pus's resident swarm of bees getting their "birds and the bees" on, all bee-like and stuff. and this sound... this wicked, crazy-scary buzzing sound unnerves me so much i can't help but remember my most unhappiest of all my unhappy memories; the time my 3rd-grade, lil mexipino boy, bowl cut was targeted by several hostile honeybees, dispatched with royal instructions to trap themselves within the massive mop of hair on my giant jughead and ruin "15-minute mandatory sideyard playtime" in the grandest of grand ways. i never liked going to afterschool daycare. after what would become known as "the day the bees attacked me and it hurt a lot" day, i really didn't like going!

bees scare me. it's a phobia. i do not like them! keep them away from me and someone please remove them from my front door. please please please and thank you.

27 october 2007

Saturday, August 1, 2009

a gift from the so-called den mother

robyn's chicken curry salad / wraps

- chicken tenders
- celery
- almonds (slivered)
- raisins, craisins, or both!
- mayo (or plain nonfat yogurt)
- curry powder
- sugar/salt

- lettuce
- tortillas

microwave chicken, 6-min. or until cooked through. while chicken is cooking, slice celery. place celery, almonds, (c)raisins, and mayo in a bowl. add 1 tbsp. curry powder. add sugar/salt to taste. mix well. chop lettuce. warm tortillas. place chicken curry in tortilla and top with lettuce.

omit tortilla and serve in lettuce leaf for low-carb option.