Monday, January 12, 2009

this morning you were in my tall americano

one of the design blogs i read almost every day is sallytv. and usually, i'll comment
with something childish, immature, or cheezy. and sometimes all three. but seriously, sallytv is awesome
because the girl behind the curtain is awesome. she knows a lot about what she's talking about
and she's not afraid to tell you her opinion.

today, she brings up the recent uproar over a certain new york times article about the state of design
in these tough financial times. and she quoted me! see if you can find my quote.

what's this about a design fight?

Friday, January 9, 2009

better than lo-lo

i only just found out about the monocle weekly! it's like listening to someone
reading the magazine to you, except it really isn't like that at all. rather, it's a podcast by the people
behind the magazine, talking about subjects covered in the most current issue. after listening to episode 1,
i came away thinking "tyler brûlé sounds really canadian!" not that sounding canadian is a bad thing!
no, no, canadian accents are rad! i like the way they say "sorry".

the monocle weekly

briefly featured is a glasgowegian band called the phantom band. did you know people from glasgow
are called glasgowegians?! you did? good for you! i didn't. i probably would've taken a stab at it though.
glasgowians? judging by the snippets i've heard so far, i'm definitely going to get my hands on their album.

the phantom band

Thursday, January 8, 2009

change featuring wale

i love mister fukasawa's nod of approval
after he yanks on the cord at the end.

a documentary film by gary hustwit

from the man who gave us

via sallytv

when the trumpets swing

$30 converse all stars! score!

urban outfitters

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

just because you've never seen me drink tea doesn't mean i don't drink tea

what? how did i get what scar? oh, this scar! well...
the way my mother always told it: i had already learned to walk, but i had a little trouble
with the whole stopping thing. as i was walking across the living room, i picked up too much steam
and decided to take a dive toward the rocking chair. luckily, my face broke my fall! i hit the edge of the seat
just above my chin, right below my lower lip and my little baby teeth cut right through. i got four little baby stitches
and one helluva scar. it's funny that i hardly ever get asked about it when it's right here on my face.

Monday, January 5, 2009

that's right! they're good!

you know how iphone owners don't refer to their iphone as their cell phone?
instead they call it their iphone. "oh, i just got this app for my iphone!" or "call me on my iphone."
or "my iphone is so awesome! i'm so cool because i own one! look at me!" i think these people are oblivious
to the fact that it's just a little bit irritating for non-iphone cell phone owners.

but now that i have a blackberry, i'm realizing that blackberry owners
have been guilty of doing this same thing for years! "i'm on my blackberry all the time." i said that today!
i've turned into one of those people! i'm annoying! and i hate myself just a little bit for it.

have i mentioned that i have a blackberry?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

she said she's a baroness. do we even have those?

apparently, i need to do some dusting!

i never knew just how much i could hate vertical blinds until i got myself a cat.
in the last few months my hatred for vertical blinds has grown tenfold.
i really, really hate 'em!

i use my sister's garage as my own personal storage facility.
occasionally, i'll rummage through my stuff to see what i might want.
since there's finally some snow up there at tahoe, i grabbed my snowboard and
skiboards (remember skiboards?) and the backpack filled with gloves and stuff.
but the big score was when i found my l.l. bean wool socks! they're like
mittens for my feet! so comfortable. i'd forgotten all about 'em!
and now, as i'm typing this, my feet are warm and cozy.

f.y.i., two bologna sandwiches and bbq ruffles is a bad choice and in no way
should it be considered a late dinner. i can't stop eating junk!

lastly, i confess, i did indeed shed a few tears at the end of seven pounds.