Sunday, January 4, 2009

she said she's a baroness. do we even have those?

apparently, i need to do some dusting!

i never knew just how much i could hate vertical blinds until i got myself a cat.
in the last few months my hatred for vertical blinds has grown tenfold.
i really, really hate 'em!

i use my sister's garage as my own personal storage facility.
occasionally, i'll rummage through my stuff to see what i might want.
since there's finally some snow up there at tahoe, i grabbed my snowboard and
skiboards (remember skiboards?) and the backpack filled with gloves and stuff.
but the big score was when i found my l.l. bean wool socks! they're like
mittens for my feet! so comfortable. i'd forgotten all about 'em!
and now, as i'm typing this, my feet are warm and cozy.

f.y.i., two bologna sandwiches and bbq ruffles is a bad choice and in no way
should it be considered a late dinner. i can't stop eating junk!

lastly, i confess, i did indeed shed a few tears at the end of seven pounds.

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