Monday, January 5, 2009

that's right! they're good!

you know how iphone owners don't refer to their iphone as their cell phone?
instead they call it their iphone. "oh, i just got this app for my iphone!" or "call me on my iphone."
or "my iphone is so awesome! i'm so cool because i own one! look at me!" i think these people are oblivious
to the fact that it's just a little bit irritating for non-iphone cell phone owners.

but now that i have a blackberry, i'm realizing that blackberry owners
have been guilty of doing this same thing for years! "i'm on my blackberry all the time." i said that today!
i've turned into one of those people! i'm annoying! and i hate myself just a little bit for it.

have i mentioned that i have a blackberry?

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