Friday, June 26, 2009

he said i can see why is it because of all the lines

26 june 2009today was my "sunday", if you will. my second of two days-off. when i woke up this morning, immediately, it felt like i'd slept too long. had i wasted the entire morning on unnecessary sleep? i thought for sure it had to be past 9 or 10 o'clock. after i rubbed and rubbed all the blurries out of my eyes, i could barely make out the time. 11:1::445:55. oh, i thought... 11:45? already? it's almost noon? damn! so i stretched and yawned and stretched and yawned before i sat up to get a better looksee, because i just knew it couldn't be that late. but i was wrong, it could be that late. in fact, it could be even later! there wasn't anymore morning left. it was gone. i'd missed half my day-off because for some reason my body wanted to just fucking lay there. to lay there and make me more tired until i finally woke up. and i was... more tired, when i finally woke up. or, fatigued, rather. but why did i sleep for so long? i hadn't stayed up any later than usual. i don't think i'm depressed. i'm pretty sure i'm not sick. maybe it's that i need to drink more water. actually, i know i need to drink more water. there's always time to drink more water, right? even if that's not the reason i slept for so long, i really should drink more water! hold on... okay, i just drank a glass of water. and i feel... refreshed, i guess. i'll have one glass every hour for the rest of the day. and if i don't wake up at a decent hour tomorrow, i'll be pissed! glug, glug, glug!

Monday, June 22, 2009

a new story

been taking photos of eero since the first day, so he's grown to accept having a camera lens in his face. today, he even seemed to be posing. he looked at the camera only when i asked him to. such the professional cat model!

you'd never know how much of a brat he can be. when i came home today, i found the bag of cat food in the middle of the living room. my 5 lb. cat dragged the 8 lb. bag of cat food half-way across the apartment! obviously, he'd eaten anything that fell out in the process of dragging it, because there wasn't any evidence to be found! and... after i put the bag back and went upstairs, he proceeded to gnaw a cat mouth-size hole into the side of the bag! the little bugger!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

he'd like to wake up next to her tomorrow

lucky strike

funny. with my digital photographs, i'm always looking to crop and cut the best parts of each shot. with my film photographs, i'm looking for a complete composition within the entire frame. no cropping required. i think this means i'm more mindful of the subject at all times when i'm using film. digital lends itself to haphazardly shooting off shot after shot. random and less creative. film wins. hands down. i'm sold. no looking back. for now. maybe. all that being said, doesn't this photograph fucking rock? it sizzles. it. so. sessy!