Friday, June 26, 2009

he said i can see why is it because of all the lines

26 june 2009today was my "sunday", if you will. my second of two days-off. when i woke up this morning, immediately, it felt like i'd slept too long. had i wasted the entire morning on unnecessary sleep? i thought for sure it had to be past 9 or 10 o'clock. after i rubbed and rubbed all the blurries out of my eyes, i could barely make out the time. 11:1::445:55. oh, i thought... 11:45? already? it's almost noon? damn! so i stretched and yawned and stretched and yawned before i sat up to get a better looksee, because i just knew it couldn't be that late. but i was wrong, it could be that late. in fact, it could be even later! there wasn't anymore morning left. it was gone. i'd missed half my day-off because for some reason my body wanted to just fucking lay there. to lay there and make me more tired until i finally woke up. and i was... more tired, when i finally woke up. or, fatigued, rather. but why did i sleep for so long? i hadn't stayed up any later than usual. i don't think i'm depressed. i'm pretty sure i'm not sick. maybe it's that i need to drink more water. actually, i know i need to drink more water. there's always time to drink more water, right? even if that's not the reason i slept for so long, i really should drink more water! hold on... okay, i just drank a glass of water. and i feel... refreshed, i guess. i'll have one glass every hour for the rest of the day. and if i don't wake up at a decent hour tomorrow, i'll be pissed! glug, glug, glug!

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