Friday, November 30, 2007

The Unbearable Responsibilities of Life

obviously, i'm not a quick reader.
i could't read three books
from cover to cover
under the harsh conditions
smacked down upon me by the man.
my books were due back today,
so i had to renew em
using their automated helpline.
don't look at me that way!
i just don't have the patience for reading!
i have a life you know!
(no i don't)
i'm kind of a picky reader.
i enjoyed reading only one
of the three books i brought home.
i've read a few of his books
in the past couple of years,
but i still don't get brautigan.
"on the road" was a'ight.
i need to re-read it.
i'm ashamed to say
i'd never read kerouac's stuff.
but i get his style.
i've been reading murakami's books out of order.
but it doesn't matter,
because they're all fucking great!
i enjoy his novels more than his short stories.
but don't get me wrong
the short stories are great too.
i'm in the middle of reading "norwegian wood".
i'll have to buy a copy for the bookshelf.

murakami is the japanese garcia marquez.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bleah Bleah Blar!

i'm kind of proud of myself
for riding home safely on my bike
after drinking a few (3) pints tonight.
everyone knows i'm a lightweight.
3 beers down and i'm good to go.
i just returned home
from a great time spent
listening to the wonderful music of
the evening episode.
terra has the most amazing voice!
too bad that fucking asshole
kept standing in my way
so i couldn't see the stage!
but at least i was there and
i could hear perfectly.
i can't wait for the 2nd sat. show!

Fucking Rambo

i woke up at 4:05 this morning because
i forgot to reset my alarm clock
which was still set from the night before.
this didn't bother me so much because
my throat suddenly was very sore.
in my sleepy-headed stupor
i imagined a miniature man
had crawled into my mouth
while i was soundly sleeping and
proceeded to scrape every bit of my throat
with scary-sharp metal objects
of varying degrees of sharpatudiness.
but still was not satisfied until he
jabbed at my throat
with his relatively sized
miniature rambo knife!
you know, the knife from the movie.
yeah, that knife.
i used to have the rambo action figure.
it came with a knife, amongst other weaponry.
i could do a really good rambo voice back then.
he sounded a lot like rocky, but rambo-y-er.
i just tried and i'm still pretty good!
after remembering i live in an icebox
disguised as a small apartment,
i ducked my head under the covers.
i'm hoping this sore throat
isn't an early symptom of something more severe.
i'm refraining from using my heater
until i absolutely need it.
(i am my mother's son, after all)
and now that i've just written that
i realize now i probably need it.
it's already after noon and
i have a few things i need to do today.
i should get out of bed.
throat feels better.
i could go for a good breakfast right now.
eggs. bacon. hash browns. sausage.
the works, you know?
oh, and i need to pick up my badass end tables!
is it cold outside right now?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Just Saying

everything i want
is unavailable to me.
i'd like to run away
and not look back.

i am more than slightly intoxicated.

Oh No

pre-emptive measures:
for any confusion
due to my pretentious inclination
to write with similes
instead of saying what i mean,
i'd just like to say
the previous post was not about a venereal disease.

thank you.

The Opposite of Sneezing

it seems to be following me -
like that fucking loose thread
that keeps re-appearing
even after i've cut it off
several times already!
i think i've solved the problem,
but... yeah, here it is, once again.
clockwork is a bitch sometimes.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Change for a Dollar

i would like to throw a rope around one of those stars up there
and wave goodbye to all the little ants as i'm slowly whisked away
to a new and completely different world.

i lay here imagining all the wonderful possibilities waiting for me
if such an event should happen.

i'll need to buy more rope.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Will to Stay Apart or Oh Look! Pretty Colors!

i am scattered particles.
sigur ros is my only friend.
let me sleep, my friend,
and i will follow you
until longitude meets latitude.