Friday, November 30, 2007

The Unbearable Responsibilities of Life

obviously, i'm not a quick reader.
i could't read three books
from cover to cover
under the harsh conditions
smacked down upon me by the man.
my books were due back today,
so i had to renew em
using their automated helpline.
don't look at me that way!
i just don't have the patience for reading!
i have a life you know!
(no i don't)
i'm kind of a picky reader.
i enjoyed reading only one
of the three books i brought home.
i've read a few of his books
in the past couple of years,
but i still don't get brautigan.
"on the road" was a'ight.
i need to re-read it.
i'm ashamed to say
i'd never read kerouac's stuff.
but i get his style.
i've been reading murakami's books out of order.
but it doesn't matter,
because they're all fucking great!
i enjoy his novels more than his short stories.
but don't get me wrong
the short stories are great too.
i'm in the middle of reading "norwegian wood".
i'll have to buy a copy for the bookshelf.

murakami is the japanese garcia marquez.


1 comment:

  1. i love murakami too. Just finished norwegian wood:

    i loved the wind up bird chronicles and kafka on the shore...
    not sure which one i'll read next.