Friday, January 9, 2009

better than lo-lo

i only just found out about the monocle weekly! it's like listening to someone
reading the magazine to you, except it really isn't like that at all. rather, it's a podcast by the people
behind the magazine, talking about subjects covered in the most current issue. after listening to episode 1,
i came away thinking "tyler brûlé sounds really canadian!" not that sounding canadian is a bad thing!
no, no, canadian accents are rad! i like the way they say "sorry".

the monocle weekly

briefly featured is a glasgowegian band called the phantom band. did you know people from glasgow
are called glasgowegians?! you did? good for you! i didn't. i probably would've taken a stab at it though.
glasgowians? judging by the snippets i've heard so far, i'm definitely going to get my hands on their album.

the phantom band

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