Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a. i


22 Sep 2008, 12:35

i was getting ready to head out and
explore in this wonderful weather we're having here,
but i paused before selecting some footwear.

converse chuck taylor's and the thirty-year olds who choose to wear them on a almost-daily basis:
are these men trying to cling to their youth or are they cool as shit for deciding not to conform
to society's misconception of what an grown man
should do and wear?


24 Sep 2008, 12:15

that is a very good question...
i wonder the same kinds of things myself.
after much consideration and asking opinions of others (for some perspective on this)
i have to say that i do think "chucks" are classic and defy categories
and i don't think anyone is unfit for them.

I'm also starting to think that it is actually cooler when 30+ year olds wear them.
people who may well have been in the 'school' that 'old school' refers too...
older rad people are so rare. they are like gems.
most of the rad people i know have a pair
of converse in their shoe collection...

so to answer your question, i think you are cool as shit and
i think that you should continue to wear converse chuck taylor's.

do you wear the lows or the highs?


ps. 2 more sleeps till san francisco... :)