Friday, November 14, 2008

oh damn! yes, she did!

mike relm — "everytime"
feat. del the funky homosapien and adrian hartley

first, you get hooked by the music. you think, "this is cool music.
she looks like a very nice and wholesome young lady. and she just woke
up in that awesome apartment. i'd like to wake up to music like this." but
then it gets to a certain spot in the video when you suddenly think, "hey,
young lady, you spilled some of your coffee on the floor... wait, she's
doing this on purpose! why would... hey, did it just reverse?!" then,
a few seconds later, you understand you're about to get the
full story. "ooooh! she slept well, alright. really well.
now i know why. she's not a nice young lady
at all! i was so wrong about her!
but this music is great!"

that's what went through my head anyway.

via: mike relm

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