Wednesday, May 28, 2008

if i were rich, no.100

i'm sure throughout this blog
one might find many products
which indeed fall into a price range
that is ridiculously incongruous
with my personal shopping price range.

so i won't pretend
that this isn't the first time
i want something i can't afford.
that would be disrespectful to you
(aka, no one) and myself.

i came up with a not-so-clever title
and i'd like to continue using it
to designate all the overpriced shit
i write about — which, between you and me,
is mostly everything i write about.

33" extra-deep suitcase w/wheels, $2,400.00

the so-called globe-trotter x j.crew luggage is...
if i were english, i think i'd say 'bloody brilliant!'
but i'm californian, so i'm inclined to say 'hella rad!'

'smart' and 'sexy' also come to mind.
am i wrong?!

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