Monday, May 5, 2008

the king of wit is quite the twit.

three coronas and i'm good, thank you very much.
i'll be heading home now.
now that it's half past four in the afternoon.
(give or take. in this case, take.)
and it was free!
or so it was, until next time we're out drinkin'.
i thought for sure, the giant super (or was it super giant)
burrito would soak up most of the al-key-hol.
nope! it didn't.
so i walked the three or four blocks with a drunken strut,
underneath clear skies and a sunny... sun.
i could have come up with soemthing more clever than sunny sun.
but as you now know. i'm not in the best frame of mind to be writing so eloquently.
here's to afternoon intoxication!

no really, this is not something i should be writing about.
and i should probably erase this post when i'm in my right mind.
'til then!

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