Sunday, April 6, 2008

my love starved heart

such odd dreams last night.

i dreamt that i was a cigarette smoker and
i enjoyed it.

in the dream that i dreamt,
i'd spent all of my money.
i had no savings. i had no checking.
all i had left was the $65 in my pocket and
i was stressing, because my cell phone bill needed to be paid.
(which really does need to be paid today)

although not technically a nightmare,
it did scare me awake.
you know how you wake yourself up when
things in dreams get too intense.
i was like "fuck this!" and woke up.
it was 10:08 AM.

i have suspicions that
this strange dream may have something to do with
the massive amount of chicken and rosemary rice pilaf i ate last night.

funny- it's just past noon. lunch is
leftover chicken and rosemary rice pilaf!
i better not nap today.

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