Sunday, April 13, 2008

a short conversation with summer

hey! i'm glad you could meet me on such short notice.
so, what's up? you're lookin' hot! wow! so hot!
where've you been? oh, down south, huh? getting some rays?
cool, cool... that's awesome. nice. awesome...
nice and awesome! hahahaha... ahhh... so...

well, i guess i should get to it.
i'll just say it, then... why, um... why the fuck!
no, i told myself i wouldn't cuss at this thing. i'm sorry.
let me start over...

why are you here?! here, here! in this city, here!
i, uh... i thought we had an agreement.
we discussed this several months ago, did we not?
don't you remember? we were both there, weren't we?
was i talking to myself or something? i don't think so!
oh, i was, was i? so, i must be crazy then, huh? whatever!
i remember specifically, asking, no, telling you to stay the...
there i go again with the cussing. i'm sorry. please...
no no, please sit. please. i'll control myself.
okay, what i'm trying to say is this:
you're hot and it's driving me nuts! i can't help it.
it's like when you're around, i get all hot and sweaty. and uncomfortable.
it's just not natural! what?! shut up! it isn't natural at all!
just go, please! go away and never return! i hate you!
i was so much happier when you were gone. i was finally smiling again!
we... all of us! we were so happy while you were gone. so happy.
and now i have to wait through several long months of you?!
i'm just not ready. and i'll tell you right now, i won't be happy!

oh man, that felt good. this is good. i feel so much better!
i've been carrying that around with me for a long time.
okay, so, listen, since you'll be around for a while,
you think you can keep it cool around here and not be such a bastard?
it doesn't need to be cold, just, you know, not scorching inferno hot.
oh, you can't promise anything? well, yeah, that figures!

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