Tuesday, October 13, 2009

keepin it real, torrential rain-style

autumn… may i call you fall? we’re buds, no? well, fall, winter just squashed you, dude! what’s up with that? As much as I love Winter, and all the gloriously gloomy and wonderfully wet weather that comes with it, I do fancy a good fall before I gotta start bundling up! I always welcome the falling of your leaves, the change of colors, and the apples up in them hills! In fact, it’s the apples that make me enjoy you the most, man! Nobody wants to get soaked trekking up to Apple Hill in soggy, muddy boots! Nosireebob! So, although I like this winterish weather we’re having today, I’m just a little bit sad that it isn’t just brisk and hazy instead. take care.

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