Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Wish I Did

i still want that lamp,
but i'm kind of reluctant
to spend my money on something
i really don't need.
need is the key word here.
do i need a floor lamp.
no, i don't need it.
but i want it!
want it!
instead of purchasing a lamp,
i went grocery shopping.
that's responsible, right?
i need to eat, so i bought food.
again, the key word: need.
funny, i didn't want to buy groceries.

i bumped into a girl who remembered me
from a party several weeks back.
she looked very familiar.
i knew her face,
but i couldn't remember how i knew her face.
when she saw me, she smiled and said "hi"
in that way that people who've met before say "hi".
so then i said "hey, how are you?",
with a deer-in-headlights look on my face.
"do you remember me?" she said with a smile.
"uhmm... you look familiar..."
this pretty girl with her cute smile and cute hair
(in my defense, her hair is different than before)
not only remembered me, but
she was actually talking to me
and i can't even remember who she is!
so we small talked a bit.
i'm sure most of what i said
didn't make sense in the least.
and then as she was walking away i said,
"now, don't go changing your hair before i see you again!"
what the hell is that?!
i'm a dork.

— — —

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