Sunday, December 30, 2007

I Can't Reed Good

this song
is honey.
is cinnamon and sugar.
is caramel apples.
is rice krispies treats.
is 100 ice cream sundaes.

i'm sick, with a head/sinus/chest thing.
today is day three of this shit
and i've had enough of it!
i popped into rite aid last night and
bought some cherry-flavored halls and
a box of what i thought was cold medicine.
only after i got it home did i notice
the big F-L-U slapped across the cover.
i thought fuck it, and used it anyway.
then, at some point today, i lost the nighttime meds.
i'm stuck with just the daytime meds.
which i'm hoping will work well enough on their own.

i have no plans for new year's eve.
if i go out, it'll be in the last hour.
i just don't feel well enough to party.
i may just go to the golden bear
for the free champagne toast.
i need to work early the next morning anyway.

i didn't buy the lamp.
sometimes i can be unsatisfyingly frugal.

— — —

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