Wednesday, December 12, 2007


i have actual cash-money,
in my pocket, as i type.
i will take this opportunity
to put the aforementioned cash-money
into my back pocket
and walk to the cornerstone cafe
to eat breakfast for lunch.
it's not exactly lunch time.
neither is it breakfast time.
would it be brunch then?
when does breakfast end
and brunch begin?
when does brunch end
and lunch begin?...
oh boy, i can almost taste
those country-style fried taters!
and i'm thinking i might get sausage and bacon!
i know, right?!

EDIT (after brunchfast):
i've just returned from eating a delicious brunchfast
(i've decided to call it brunchfast)
at the cafe two blocks from my apartment.
i had the denver omelette
(minus onions and plus cheddar)
with country-style fried potatoes and white toast.
i prefer hash browns to country-style fried potatoes,
but, unfortunately, they don't serve hash browns.
oh, and two glasses of orange juice.
i enjoy the anonymity of eating in a cafe
with a good book and some sweet tunes.

EDIT (12/15/07): apparently, i wanted to use 'aforementioned'
so much i used it two consecutive posts.

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