Saturday, March 14, 2009

thirty-two years later

i woke up too early this morning.
i wanted to sleep until noon.
i stayed in bed for a while.
i daydreamed a little.
i staring at the ceiling.
i propped myself up to check the time, clock showed 8:30 AM.
i had birthday wishes on my blackberry already.
i got a text from sarah, wanting to get breakfast.
i told her i was going to noah's and peet's.
i said i'd meet her for breakfast.
i didn't know where we'd eat, since noah's was packed.
i told her i was walking, but i rode my bicycle.
i met her at peet's, where i got a coffee.
i was complimented for my hat. "nice hat."
i was craving an egg mit. she suggested corner stone.
i immediately said yes, seeing how it's my standby.
i got my usual sunrise omelette. she got eggs benedict.
i didn't finish mine like i almost always do.
i offered my leftovers to angela. she accepted.
i found myself another coffee.
i hung out with lisa for a while.
i rode my bicycle home.
i kicked my shoes off.
i started writing a blog post titled "thirty-two years later".
i thought it'd be cool to start every sentence with "i".
i am having a fine day.

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