Monday, March 30, 2009

w. n. t. g. o. a. r. t. u. t. p. a.

around the turn of the century (it's funny, when i think of "turn of the century", i still think 1899-1900), my sister and i took a road trip up to portland, oregon (and seattle). we drove to the oregon coast, took in sights in the still budding pearl district, and hiked around the waterfalls that feed the columbia river gorge. it was at these waterfalls, that i slipped down a seemingly non-steep embankment of a little tiny stream and fell back onto my backpack. luckily, my backpack broke my fall, so i didn't get the wind knocked out of me and came away with just a few scrapes and bruises.

it was only later that i realized that a horrible tragedy had occurred. my backpack had broken my fall all right, but so had everything in it, including my 1-year old slr, a minolta maxxum 350si. i was about to snap a photo of a beautiful waterfall, when all signs of life sputtered away, never to return.

after several attempts to have it fixed, i gave up and went digital. i bought a canon powershot a80, which brought me many years of satisfaction, despite not being an slr.

last year, when i bought a canon 400d dslr, my world exploded. suddenly, all i could think about was cameras and creating awesome images. but even then, still in the back of my mind were memories of my beloved minolta. i wished she was still working. what if she'd never died that day? i'd have so many awesome photos, right? i had to get another one just like it!

i started researching prices online and discovered that maxxum 350si camera bodies are really cheap these days! in a matter of days, i'd won one on ebay. it was in great condition and came with a lens. and today, it came in the mail! i switched out the crappy minolta lens with the quantaray lens from my broken camera, checked the batter was charged, and loaded it with a new roll of film. it's ready to use and i'm so fucking siked right now!

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