Wednesday, March 25, 2009

and then i said it /without hesitation /finally

i'd like to rant for a moment about the headache that's causing my day to be a shitty one, but first i'd like to mention that i've come to believe that i may have a slight allergic reaction to olive oil. not just any olive oil, though. after oiling up some spaghetti last night, then waking up this morning with what felt like a swollen throat, i've come to the conclusion that "e-v-o-o" is not my best friend. odd, because the extra light olive oil i used prior to this one didn't effect me in anyway. so, from now on, i'll be buying the light stuff to drown my pastas and breads. so about that headache... it's driving me bananas! it's not a full-fledged headache. nor is it just a lingering one. it's sort of in between, where it's just bugging the hell out of me and has turned my nice, perfect weather afternoon into a funkified malaise! i need to remember to breathe. inhale. 1-2-3. exhale. repeat.

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