Friday, March 27, 2009

as loudly as a crazed horse on a wooden bridge

sputnik sweetheart is a thin book, so it should've taken a day for me to read. it took me two months (or more. probably more), because i get distracted easily and start doing and reading other things. whenever i want to escape from reality (which is often), i reach over and grab a murakami. it doesn't matter which title it is, it'll always calm me down and take my mind to the other side of the world. many of the online reviewers expressed disappointed with the ending of sputnik sweetheart, saying it was too ambiguous and incomprehensible. but i liked the way it ended. i liked the innuendo. it left me with questions that, if answered in the book, would have ruined the beauty of the story. did he? didn't he? was it her? was it a dream? i like that. i like being left to ponder the possibilities. i never used to... until i read my first murakami book. now i'm reading blind willow, sleeping woman. i wonder what murakami is working on right now. will it be on bookshelves soon?

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