Saturday, August 16, 2008


late start. long drive. warm sun.
no cops. ninety all the way. twenty on number three.
bay bridge one-eighty. oakland pots. three-dollar tolls. clean. clean. clean.
hot shower. clean clothes. free beer. shitty wine. boss's credit card.
liquor store run. grand opening party. uncomfortable. out of place.
sit down. walk around. more free beer. pretty girl. vintage dress.
the great sushi debate. san francisco taxis. and she's gone.
pizza delivery. beer, beer, beer. cellphone calls.
pretty girl in tears. i'll be right there.
drunk driving. text messages.
foot meets mouth.
feel like shit.
bay area poets.


chilly monday mornings.
four-thirty -hot shower.
five-thirty -private interstate.
six o'clock -warehouse. 30-min wait for co-worker.
20-min search for a fucking table. six-thirty -supercommute.
east bay gridlock. heavy eyelids. satisfy caffeine addiction.
shell station restrooms scare me. exit ninth to market to
fell to franklin to union. garage duty for two!
chinese lunch. early start, but an easy eight hours.
union square traffic. leftover chinese.
cheap motel showerheads.
early to bed, early to rise.
the six a.m. shift. make room by eight!
two-hour wait. three kitchens, one garage.
accessories, accessories, accessories. pull transfer.
load the transfer. two-thirty -supercommute.
the diamond lane all the way, baby!
four o'clock -warehouse lights.
five o'clock -j street rug.
find large coffee.
go home. early start,
but an easy eleven hours.
(no lunchbreak!)


nine o'clock -drive to granite bay.
it's the most wonderful greeting ever!
assemble the paso table. gotta call the boss.
apply for medical insurance. eat a delicious chicken panini.
hang pendant lighting. make store pretty. milk the clock.
six o'clock -close the store and go home.
i like her a lot. it's killing me.


"It's really coming down outside," she said.

I turn and look. "Wow! It sure is. Hopefully it'll let up before we leave."

"I like that saying... and people that say it."
She says it again in a lower tone, "Boy, it's really coming down outside!"


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