Saturday, August 16, 2008

do you mind if i close the door?

the following notes were transcribed from my moleskine, exactly as i wrote them as i rode the train, ate my roast beef sandwich, sat on a bench and observed. they aren't very intesting, but here they are. that's your warning.

7 August 2008

— walked to bus stop at 7:55 AM.
— bus came a few minutes late. i think i might miss the train leaving at 8:30 AM.
— after a brief stop (not so brief), bus got me to amtrak.
— i let a woman go ahead of me in line. she took forever doing something, not buying a ticket. another ticket window opened up just in time.
— don't know why i sat backward. normally, i'll sit at a table and face forward (to see what's ahead?). don't really know.
— listened to the arcade fire when i left my apartment. right now, it's bonnie 'prince' billy. kind of fitting, for these views. beauty...
— that bridge they were building the last time i rode the train, is now complete. i'm unimpressed with it. it's just another freeway bridge. nothing special. unfortunate.
— they knocked down that really really old bridge at crockett.

it's 4:01 PM. i've been so busy walking around, i forgot to keep writing in here. so let's back up a bit. i'll summarize:

— got off train at emeryville. bus took me to the ferry building.
— walked around the ferry building a bit. bought a few macarons & a cupcake. i've heard a lot of raving about these cupcakes. my cupcake sucked. the macarons were delicious, as always. i love em. didn't eat any until i got to the beach.
— stopped at java beach for a cocoa (and two old-fashioned donuts!)
— walked along the running path that parallels the great highway. crossed the highway at the promenade. onto the beach. walked back along the tide. nice and quiet. just me, joggers and the birds.
— caught the n judah. got off at cole valley. ate a chicken pesto crepe. tasteless. even ketchup couldn't save it. too crowded to even read comfortably.
— was going to catch the 43 masonic at cole, but hoofed it over to haight & masonic, before the 43 arrived. just barely made it. kinda crossed ran across on a red hand.
— got off at california. and caught the next 1 california.
— got off at fillmore. bought a 'smarge' at peet's coffee. walked over/up to... what's the name of that park up there? the battery on the rebel died at the top of the hill. started using the a80. took several really cool shots of buildings/angles.
— walked down and then up washtington. and up clay to lafayette park. more cool photos.
— walked down to franklin. re-caught the 1. took it all the way to embarcadero center.
— started walking to the ferry building, but i didn't want to leave so early. all the cummuters are gonna crowd that bus/train anyway.
— walked around soma near the gap building. took a photo of a long row of parked motorcycles/scooters. and more buildings. new highrises.
— stopped at a place called the toaster oven. that's where i am as i write this. got a roast beef, but not really hungry. just killing time i guess. also got a yogurt parfait. not bad. i just asked the guy at the next table what street we're on. spear street.

(wow, this is all very exciting stuff. going home.)

+++ while riding the metro to the beach (backward again. this might have some deeper meaning), some asian dude w/a tall can of bud in his hand, jumped off and proceeded to try to make himself vomit. he stuck his fingers down his throat (to the knuckles. he's a pro). people on the street watched with disgust and curiosity.

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