Tuesday, August 26, 2008

whatever became of you?

silly ideas for websites:

(no. 1)

possible title:
architectural upskirts

this photography-based website will focus indirectly
on the relationship between architecture and its immediate environment
by seemingly removing the subject from its surroundings and placing it within a new context.
all photography will be shot digitally. however, no image will be digitally altered.
use of extreme angles (i.e., looking upward) will intentionally force
visitors to reconsider a structures architectural importance.

(a) carry camera at all times.
(b) look up!

(no. 2)

possible title:
the sacramentolist (no, i hate it!)

taking queues from well-known website the sartorialist,
this website will contain photographs of "people on the street", but
focus less on the subject's style and more on their character and background.
a short list of not-too-personal questions will be asked of the subject, identifying their:
name, age, occupation, hometown, what brought them to (name of city), and aspirations.

the author will request the participation of only citizens and travelers
that possess and convey the values that are congruous with the websites premise.
the author's own perceptions and (lack of) values will most certainly
impose an obvious bias toward individuals of certain character.
i.e., people the author thinks are cool.

so, what do you think?

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