Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i've been reading

mcsweeney's 28
reviving the fable

enclosed are eight individual books, fully illustrated,
which resurrect and reinvent the art of the fable—
simple, surprising, and morally direct.
more or less.

the box - sarah manguso
virgil walker - arthur bradford
la keisha and the dirty girl - tayari jones
the guy who kept meeting himself - ryan boudinot
poor little egg-boy hatched in a shul - nathan englander
the book and the girl - brian evenson
the thousands - daniel alarcón
two free men - sheila heti

an annual subscription to mcsweeney's quarterly (i think) is $55.
an individual issue, purchased at a newstand, is $25.
do the math and tell me, please, how stupid i am
for continuing to pay twice as much per year!

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