Saturday, March 22, 2008

get smart

i've been reading (#2)

top row:
(1) anthem - it used to be much better. hmm.

(2) good - did you know kraft foods owns boca burgers? and pepsi owns naked juice? and coke owns odwalla? and kellogg owns morningstar farms? neither did i!

(3) wallpaper - i have to admit the cover made me do a double-take. if i'd been drinking water, i'd have done a spit-take. le bar 228, inside le meurice hotel, is oh so sexy.

bottom row:
(4) monocle - fast becoming my favorite magazine in the whole wide world. no, it already is my favorite magazine in the whole wide world. each issue seems to be an encyclopedia of current and recent events in disguise as a magazine.

(5) lines & shapes - filled with amazing, thought-provoking and inspirational photos and art.

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