Wednesday, February 24, 2010

prelude to the violet hour

happy hump day! it's almost over.

i had one hell of a breakfast for dinner last night.
i grated two potatoes for hashbrowns, which turned out to be one too many.
and i didn't want to waste a potato, so i made more bacon and eggs.
one might say i had two breakfasts for dinner last night.

this morning i woke up with a slight headache.
one of those that you can feel even before you open your eyes.
and you think "oh great! it's gonna be a fun morning!"
i wonder if it's to do with what i ate last night.

i started reading catcher this morning.
the first couple'a pages pulled me in well enough.
i should be done in... oh, an hour? it's short.

so, how's the rain treating you today?
'sposed to rain on friday too.

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