Wednesday, August 20, 2008

deeds were done

the following notes were transcribed from my moleskine, exactly as i wrote them as i rode the train, ate my donuts, sat at a picnic table and observed. they aren't very intesting, but here they are. that's your warning.

18 august 2008

— apparently the train i meant to catch at 9:20 AM didn't show up. for some reason. so this train is filling up w/the people who've been waiting an hour.
— we've stopped in 'suisun-fairfield' and i've managed to keep the seat next to me open, despite having put my bag at my feet after the lady conductor instructed the passengers to do so.

— the metro ride down to the beach was uneventful. there weren't any vomiting asian dudes. there was a large pack of foreign teens that got on in the upper sunset. some french kids sat near me. extremely obnoxious and loud. in a french way. maybe not obnoxious, but french!
— i stopped in at the java beach. got a white hot cocoa this time. and 2 old-fashioned donuts for the road. then walked along the running/bike path.
— just barely caught the about-to-depart metro going back up the sunset district.
— it's a little after 2 PM and i've made my way to cole valley. via the sunset and ocean beach. i didn't want to go straight to brakfast, knowing that it would be crowded for brunch/lunch. don't know if that strategy was even needed, but i assume it was. anyway, i'm here now. i forget the name of this place. zayzie? it starts with a z and it sounds french.
— i ordered the 'french toast tahiti', an o.j. and water. the water comes in chilled clear wine bottle with a rubber stoppper. quaint.
— after brunch, i walked from cole valley to a bus stop at haight & masonic. took the 43 to california. crossed the street & caught the 1 to fillmore. this proved to be a seriously huge mistake.
— got off the 1 at fillmore. crossed the street and immediately went to peet's coffee. i bought a medium in a large cup, but really just needed to use the restroom.
— afterward, i went to the little bookstore next to peet's and bought more murakami. sputnik sweetheart and blind willow, sleeping woman. score!
— okay, so it's 6 PM right now and train 542 should have arrived at 5:45 PM. but for some reason... the announcement just now said that 542 had engine problems, so now 'train 542 is towing 544 to the yard and should arrive here shortly after that'.
— i'll be patient and find something to draw outside, at one of the picnic tables under some shade trees. there're bees in this tree! freaking out. not a fan of bees. traumatic childhood bee incident!

— wow! that sketch made time fly by! i didn't really think i'd be waiting for the train that long. the 544 came and was already getting tight from people getting on here and in oakland earlier. so, i waited 10-minutes for the 546. that's how behind these trains were. they probably have an empty 548, if there is one.
— i'm afraid that i'll get mugged on my walk home tonight. bus 30 and 31 stop running kind of early, so i'll have to hoof it for 20 blocks. or i'll find a kind taxi driver that'll take me home for $6. maybe. maybe not. i'll offer him $5 w/a $1 tip. is that insulting? is it worth it to him? who else in sacramento will need a taxi at 10:30 PM on a monday night? nobody. i'll probably end up walking home.
— i walked home. didn't get mugged. but very tired. it's 11 PM. fuckin' a, man!

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