Wednesday, June 4, 2008

if by train / if by trailer

re: how to be unproductive...
ok - your map blew me away. were you always this rad?
its a sweet map all right!
i agree - train would be a fantastic way to go. carefree and stress free. plus it would be an opportunity to meet some odd and interesting people in the bar cars... do some sketching and day dreaming.

as an aside - have you seen the movie 'The Darjeeling Limited'? I spent alot of time on trains when i was in india and this movie reminded me of the train travel...

i think you might need a whole month for your journey. ;)
i'd like to roam around the u.s. desert for a while. it seems to be calling me.
perhaps i'll do some research and prepare a sweet map of my own! have you ever been to austin? i hear that it is amazing there and that you can stay in airstream trailers. woop woop!


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