Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Overspend Overseas Over and Over

my timbuk2 bag has served me well,
but i no longer wish to look like
a bike messenger.

i need something less 'sporty',
but still kind of 'goes off-trail sometimes'.

i need something more 'mature',
but not 'european man purse'.

since i'm incapable of being mature,
i'll carry around a bag that says i am.

i need this bag:

FISHING BAG - Bonded Canvas
w/bridle leather trim, Rubber lining
Price: £120.00 ($240.00)

a little known fact:
i collect white ceramic bowls.
sometimes listed as chili bowls.
sometimes listed as cereal bowls.
i've used mine for both;
i don't care what they call 'em.
i have a set from william-sonoma.
another from crate & barrel.
and one bowl, the very first bowl,
from um, er, uh... (cough)starbucks(cough).

tell me, why do i want to order
this set of ceramic bowls from the u.k.,
when i could easily buy them locally?

Diameter 16cm
Price: £16.00 ($32.00)

more from labour and

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