Monday, February 18, 2008

George. Abe. Thanks Again.

today's itinerary:

01. the ups store
- return peacoat and hat

02. grocery store
- tomato sauce (3 cans)
- 1 lb. ground beef
- deodorant
- t.p.

03. art supply store
- pencils; hb (4), 2b (2), 6b (2)
- set of microns

04. laundromat
- whites

i need to return a peacoat i bought last week.
it's a bit too big. needs to be more snug.
and the hat i got looks lame in person.
internet images aren't much help sometimes.
the items were sent to me through ups,
so, ups to send 'em back, right? wrong!
the retailer uses a p.o. box for returns.
this makes no sense, because
ups can't delivery to a p.o. box!
i had to go to the post office across town. but...
as i was locking up my bike,
the homeless guy sitting nearby
graciously informed me that today is president's day
and the post office is closed.

the laundromat was packed today.
obviously an effect of the national holiday.
ah well. laundry tomorrow then.

— — —

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