Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wine And The Dirty Pile

i need to clean up
to remove the funk
of a busy saturday morning.
and cut my hair.
i should do that first,
as it can get quite messy.
not that there's much hair to cut.
funny, i cut my hair shorter
than i cut my facial hair.
i may have to take a shirt
from the top of the 'dirty pile'.
people at the party won't know
it ain't clean, right?
i'll need to stop somewhere
to buy a bottle of wine.
is it poor form to buy a bottle of wine
i'd like to drink and
not a bottle the host might like?
i do this all the time.
this way i'll know
i'll enjoy at least one wine at the party!
and how boring to buy the same thing every time!
i see it as an opportunity
to introduce someone to something new
and wonderful.
if it's poor form,
then i'm a poor form superstar!

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