Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mmm! This Is A Tasty Burger!

i chose the top pair.

why am i awake?
i woke up at 4:30 AM.
it's now after 7:00 AM.

i think jalapeno's is open now.
i could get a breakfast burrito.
no, i'm not going out in the rain.

i should return those library books.
i've had them since november, i think.
i can't renew the due dates again.
i'm sure they're already a day late.

they actually made another rambo movie!
john rambo looks fuckin' old.
judging from the trailer, it's real bloody.

today's to do list, random order:
(1) laundry. fresh and clean.
(2) hang new calendar.
(3) load dishwasher. yikes!
(4) clean/organize desk and drawing table. much better.
(5) watch blades of glory.
(6) return library boosk. should have done sooner.
(7) nap. so. much. better.
(8) learn the correct spelling of books. oh! that makes cents.
(9) art store.

i thought this might make me sleepy.
and i was right!
going back to sleep.

— — —

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