Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Will Take This Old Plane To Get To You

listening to deer tick reminds me of the times
i'd jump in my pickup and just drive off in any random direction.
i was sure to find some country road or another,
meandering through yellow fields of dried wild grass.
my keen sense of direction, a talent best used on childhood family road trips,
always keeping me going forward, for hours and miles and miles and hours.
before finally deciding to turn around and slowly make my way toward home.
today, instead, i walked aimlessly around town.

woke up when i felt like waking up this morning.
something i can't really do and haven't been able to do in months.
it's the best when you can lay there in bed with sleepy eyes
and know that you can remain under those covers as long as you want.
and that's what i did. ironically, i didn't want to stay very long.
funny how you have to yank yourself out of a good sleep
and slowly pour yourself out of bed and drag yourself into the shower
(i'm a morning showerer, mostly) on those days you have something to do.
and then there are those days you have all for yourself,
yet you can't wait to get out of bed.
except for those especially cozy-blanket, fluffy-pillow days.
cool, crisp, clean sheets...

i've a slight headache from earlier, watching a movie in a horrible posture.
i should drink more water. i may be dehydrated.

eagle vs. shark is all right. i wanted more. i was disappointed.
rocket science is okay. the first half was the better half.

new season of lost starts tonight.
fuckin' lost is on tonight!

when the girl in the apartment next to mine smokes on her doorstep
the smoke from her cigarette seeps through my second-floor a/c unit.
i think she's smoking out there right now.

i haven't held snow in my hand in several years.
i hope i can go snowboarding at least once this season.
for a guy who really digs winter, i'm quite tired of this rain.

lately, i've had a faint aspiration to bake. a pie. and cakes.
i actually spent some time pricing stand mixers on amazon.
i think i need to go to the supermarket and buy a box of brownie mix.
hopefully that'll settle this baking thing and save me a couple hundred dollars.

two quotes i found today:
- a woman's beauty comes to life when she gives in to spontaneity
and expresses her sense of humour without reserve.
- as time goes by, beauty is enhanced by character.

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