Sunday, September 23, 2007

cools & replenishes /254g

i missed your call
i missed everything.
i missed your call.
i missed sushi.
i'm sorry!

fuck, i'm hungry!

i feel like shit today.
mentally and physically.
i napt most of the afternoon.
i decided i'm going to start using 't',
instead of 'ed' for past tense purposes.
like just now when i wrote napt, instead of napped.

i wish i had a car,
so's i could go to in-n-out.
they stay open until 1am or something.
although they don't sell sushi.
i had my heart set on sushi
so bad too. you know though,
they may sell sushi and just don't tell people.
they have that secret menu you can order stuff from.
animal-style sushi would be interesting.

i'm hungry!
i'm going to eat my left arm.
but just the inside part, so people walking next to me won't know.

i'm gonna walk to in-n-out.


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