Friday, January 12, 2007

art school dropout

I got a horrible letter from my school in yesterdays snail-mail. It seems that despite the two unexpected (and probably undeserved) B-minuses I got last semester, my GPA is still just a hair below the cut-off point for federal financial aid eligibility. The gubment don't wanna give no money to a shitty student. So, either I come up with several thousands of dollars of my own money or I accept the fact that school just isn't my thing. The latter is less expensive and makes sense to me at this point. For the second time in three years, I'm an art school dropout!

+ I may go to the art store and buy some supplies for making linocut prints. I've never done any sort of printmaking, so this'll be a learning experience. I always wanted to learn screenprinting, so I may sign up for a printmaking class at the community college this spring. $11/unit is much nicer to wallet than $550/unit.

+ (Netflix Movie Review #1) Talladega Nights was funny, but not so funny that it makes me want to see it again. And not so funny that I'll be quoting it for the next few weeks, like Anchorman (shit, I still quote Anchorman and it's been out how long now?). It might have something to do with me not understanding the appeal of fast cars going 'round and 'round a track 200 to 500 times. Nascar bores me. (NFMR #2) Beerfest is hilarious and is my second favorite Broken Lizard film, after Super Troopers.

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