Monday, March 10, 2008

Back to Basics, But Not Entirely

i somehow fanagled... blogger tells me i misspelled fanagled. what is it?
finagled? fin... oh, there. it's finagled with an i. who knew?!
so, i finagled my way out of work tomorrow. i'll finally have time to sleep.
and do laundry. oh boy clean clothes!

by the way, thank you sarah, for reminding me this is a blog and not my wishlist.
my initial reaction was "whoa! what? this is my blog. I'll do with it what I want!"
but now, i'm cool. i've thought about it. you're right. so... i'll write more.
also, i used to write more off the cuff. which i'm doing now! so, uh, yeah....

my once small, but kinda acceptable collection of red wine has become a small,
but very sad excuse for a collection of red wine. and most of it has disappeared in the last few weeks!
i wake up in the morning and another bottle is gone! wine thievin' bastards! i'll get you!
so who's down for a wine run? WINE RUN! yeah? cool, you drive!

also the simpsons movie was okay. i guess i prefer my "dohs" in half-hour increments.
tomorrow will also be netflix catch-up day.

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